Mad King Thorn will soon be back in Tyria, giving Guild Wars 2 players something to scream about, as the Shadow of the Mad King event returns on Oct. 18.

The web page and press release indicate all the usual shenanigans will be back, including the Shadow of the Mad King event, the devilishly difficult Clock Tower jumping puzzle, the Labyrinth, and lots and lots of Candy Corn. There’s no indication (yet) of anything new, but at least the celebration won’t be competing for time with the launch of an expansion, as it did last year. That might give ArenaNet the opportunity to try something new and different this time around.

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  1. Updates like this make me wanna return to guild war’s 2 and try it out like for real since the first time I logged on all I did was run around the world and did a few quests and did the tutorial. But I probably won’t since I don’t wanna buy the updates/expansions.

    • You don’t need to buy the expansion to have access to everything the game has to offer other than the expansion content itself.

    • They have free updates besides just selling expansions? Wow I didn’t know that Hrishikesh Juvale. It’s something new you learn everyday 🙂 But guild wars 2 just doesn’t have that one thing that makes me wanna play it I just don’t know but I did play it once I do admit it is amazing but it just doesn’t have that one thing to keep me as a player but I’m suprised they got free updated I didn’t think they did.


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