Guild Wars 2 turned five years old yesterday. Well, technically, the game launched for pre-release buyers on Aug. 25, 2012, but the “official” launch date was Aug. 28.

Now, the ArenaNet crew is gearing up for the game’s second expansion, Path of Fire, today talking about one of the most-requested features since that launch five years ago: mounts.

Today’s dev blog post and accompanying video go into greater detail regarding the development of mounts and their purpose in the expansion. Mounts in GW2 aren’t just speed boosts; they give your character new ways to move around in the world — provided you improve them via the Mastery system — and interact with the larger maps in Path of Fire and all their “nooks and crannies.” Oh, and there’s a giant bunny, which some members of the dev team had their doubts about. But look at it! It’s so fluffy!

There’s a lot more to mounts than just moving. They all have “engage skills,” enabling them to attack as you dismount when encountering an enemy. They also have their own health bars, so you’ll want to keep them in good shape, lest you be forcibly dismounted.

Also, given the subject matter of this post, if the first comment isn’t what it should be, we here at MMOBomb will be sorely disappointed…

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  1. it’s true tho… imo it would be fine to cover gw2 news all around living stories and what not. but this news is b2p news and the only reason gw2 is covered so many times on this website is because self-centered jason winter is a big fan boy.
    i used to love this website, but you lost a lot of respect from my side

  2. yep, if we buy new expansion right? can you please never post about this, swtor, rift and other free trial games like these?

        • Not really. It’s more about YOU, how YOU view things and how YOU want them to be. Those who want will read it, those who don’t will just turn around and walk away. No-one is forcing you or anyone else to read, so cmon stop complaining and go have some fun or something.


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