Guild Wars 2‘s Living World Season 3 is coming to an end, and with that end comes a bit of a mystery and someone that seems pretty diabolical. Lazarus is coming… He’s being resurrected. Oh.. and if the teaser trailer above is any indication, we can expect some portal-related shenanigans.

If you’re not a Guild Wars 2 player yet but would like to get in on the Living World action as it’s happening, the game’s Heart of Thorns expansion is available at a discounted price of $29.99 — for the standard edition.

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  1. I did love gw2 but last months doing 2017 game feels very toxic, atlest in EU, time line, pvp is shit show and que for seson pvp is joke!, but the pve is okey new episodes story bring back memorys of gw1 but some parts big let down, content very short what thay bring and we get wait soooo long for them to come out and now thay bring leagendery armor witch will be Buy to craft from all gold farmer pages!… and sadly game will end up pay 2 win sooner lather if thay dont implant all parts to raid insted of gold buying mats. but what do i know just playd gw1 for 7 years and gw2 from beta till to day, wish the toxic players wuld leav game so i can feel the old love agine. kinda sad that it keeps me from not wanting play gw2 more. at lest when comes to pvp.

  2. and here is one of those guys that just randomly replies on a post cause he clearly never or rarely ever played gw2. Which is one of the or maybe best mmo still up to this date

    • Really? “Clearly Never played it”? You can barely buy anything from the auction much less when you’re not premium you can’t talk to world chat without buying premium YOU Can’t get The new armor without premium You Can’t get the Revenant class without premium you can’t upgrade your current class profession Till you get premium this was also once a buy to play game and only made it free so they have more people to notice it and consider to buy the expansions…tell me how is it the best when warframe a griendfest(but very fun game) is more popular and you barely need to buy anything there…tell me something how is it this game is “still” one of the best? im not arguing i could buy the expansions i just don’t like it to be unbalanced considering it’s now “free to play”.


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