While some might say MAIET isn’t exactly the fastest gun in the west, they’ve finally set their sights on a US open beta release date for their highly anticipated third-person shooter GunZ 2: The Second Duel. Although the open beta has been available for an extended amount of time in Europe, early February is the new ETA.

Supposedly Valve is to blame for the prolonged delay. “As we finished our Early Access program preparation last week, we have been waiting for completion of Valve’s game review process.” stated MAIET Games. “We did not expect this to take this long. We’re currently working with Valve to finish the review process and set a release date for GunZ 2. However, we had to postpone it to February because of the Lunar New Year’s day holiday (1/30~2/1) in Korea, where MAIET office is located.”

The team did seem quite understanding about the the outcry from US fans, saying ““Again, we apologize about the delay but we promise to launch the game soon in early February.”

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  1. I loved how in the original GunZ you got to fight off buildings lol like what game does that besides GunZ xD to fun >.<, and i didn't really rely on K-Style cause you had other styles like Butterfly, DaggerHopping, Dstyle, Blinkstep, Switch Shooting (shotgun & sword/dagger) or (Shotgun & Shotgun/Pistol) or (Shotgun & Rocket) these style were super unique but i can't wait to test GunZ 2 I really can't wait since IjjI disbanded I never got a chance to get back to it until the next year when it was official. So sad IjjI had Lunia <.< this game was to good to be fun if you played.

    PSN- xIK_Maxx and FN_Maxx

  2. February you say? Well folks, expect hacks by April. Gunz was Awful..and this is going to be no different. Hack infested future.

  3. european beta was fun but i feel like this game won’t last because they cancelled the korean version. It went through all its beta phases and it suddenly dropped out.

  4. Gunz was fun before everyone just did the K-style bullshit.
    Honestly the game wasn’t about skill from then on, because not a single K-styler could kill me…they just flew around aimlessly looking like retards while I tried to play the game properly. 0 kills, 0 deaths every match.
    Good game…

    • I quit playing Gunz after I got kicked for a 4th time for not doing K-Style to fight. I was just dodging around using actual guns and winning… Except for the few times I was fighting K-stylers with a dagger (not using the knockdown attack)

  5. To bad everything is now pre-made though (every attack is the same). Now its just who has the best gear wins not who has the most skills (like it was in the original gunz) wins.

    • Clearly, you’ve played enough to know, right? Watching bad people play doesn’t do the game justify and you think you’ve already figured everything out, but you haven’t. Stop being so naive and ignorant and look more into it. People didn’t figure k-style out in a day.


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