Since the launch of Guild Wars 2, players have been wanting to re-visit old locations from the first Guild Wars. Elona and the Crystal Desert have been requested for years, and adventurers will finally get to see how they’ve held up over the past 250 years when Path of Fire launches on Sept. 22.

In the meantime, you can get a glimpse of what kinds of thoughts went into their development with today’s dev diary video. It’s exclusive to, so you won’t find it on the GW2 site or YouTube. Or, of course, you can view it below because embedding YouTube videos is a thing.

(UPDATE: There’s a text dev diary on the GW2 site and the video on the GW2 YouTube channel.)

For my money, the most significant thing about the video is mention of one of the game’s main NPCs, Kasmeer Meade. She’s a human, and the story of Path of Fire will have players opposing — and potentially killing — the human god of war, Balthazar. “Hey, yeah, fight against someone you’ve believed in all your life,” will be Kasmeer’s dilemma, according to story team member Connie Griffith. I dunno, I think that if my “god” was killing and burning everything I love, I’d be pretty quick to change allegiances. Snap out of it, Kasmeer!

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