GW2 Reveals Final Three Elite Specializations For End Of Dragons Expansion

Also publishes postmortem, and future plans, for World Restructuring.

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GW2 Specter

ArenaNet has revealed the final three elite specializations coming in the End of Dragons expansion, which you'll be able to try out for yourself in a beta event next week. The three specs are the Specter (Thief), Untamed (Ranger), and Mechanist (Engineer), each of which got a teaser video to show off their powers this week.

The Specter uses a scepter -- which is a bit of a word twist, we know -- to wield shadow magic and tether themselves to allies in Shadow Shroud and gain a protective barrier at the cost of their Initiative meter.

The Untamed's weapon is the hammer, and it uses the power of earth to destabilize its enemies. Nature's power flows between the Untamed and its pet via the Unleash ability, and its new cantrip powers help it maintain a presence in melee combat.

Mechanists wield a mace and have a jadetech battle mech fighting by their side. They are able to adapt to a wide variety of strategies, as their mech's abilities are determined by their trait choices.

The three elite specs will be available to players to test during the elite specilization beta that runs from October 26-30. There will also be a final beta with all nine elite specializations available, as well as the new siege turtle mount, from November 30 to December 4. The End of Dragons expansion launches in February.

In other GW2 news, ArenaNet talked at length today about the recent World Restructuring Beta -- which, to put it kindly, didn't go as planned. A lengthy postmortem is on the GW2 site and we won't go into all the fine technical details here. The important thing to know is that the next beta event is planned for November 12, and the team is making "significant progress on these [bugs], but there’s still quite a bit of work to be done." Second time's the charm, we hope.

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