The Epic Games Store is continuing its Halloween-ish theme as far as the free game offerings go this week. When we say “Halloween” we don’t necessarily mean “spooky”. Case in point, your two options this week are the adorable turn-based adventure game Costume Quest 2 (See… Less spooky, more “I get to wear cute costumes”,) and Layers of Fear 2, an actual horror game.

In Double Fine’s Costume Quest, players take on the role of Hallow-warriors stuck in a world where Halloween has been banned. No candy, no costumes, lots of obsession with hygiene. But, everything might be okay, with the help of time travel and some Creeper Treat Cards that grant players special abilities in combat. Normally, the game costs $15, but you can grab it for free until next Thursday.

On the scarier side, Layers of Fear 2 is a first-person psychological horror game. (You know the type.) The story revolves around an actor who’s taken on the lead role in a film shot aboard an ocean liner. It’s a basic exploration game filled with horrific things that the player must endure in order to discover why they’ve been cast for the part in the first place. When the game becomes available for purchase next Thursday, it’ll cost players $30. If you’d like to avoid that cost, now’s the time to grab it.


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