If you’ve been looking for something to keep you busy in Star Wars: the Old Republic, Bioware has a couple of things lined up for players this month. The first is the Pirate Incursion event, which will start tomorrow (May 5) and run through May 12. Designed for players level 20 and above, this event takes place on the planet Dantooine, where the Nova Blade pirates are engaged in a full-blown attack. Depending on which side of the Republic or Empire conflict you’re on, you’ll either be wanting to protect the planet or take advantage of the chaos. Either way, you’ll walk away with some sweet rewards, including (but not limited to) the Nova Blade and Dantooine Homesteader armor sets, a new companion, new mounts, and more.

The second event is Relics of the Gree, which will kick off on May 19 and continue until May 26. This event requires at least level 50 and will require players to investigate an ancient Gree starship in Ilum’s contested area. The rewards for successfully completing this event include reputation with the Gree Enclave, Scalene Armor, Helix Weapons, and more.

If you’re not at the right level to participate in these events, that’s okay as SWTOR does have a Double XP event going at the moment. It’s already under way and won’t end until June 16. Although you may want to take as much advantage of it as possible early on if you need it to participate in the other events.

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