Having tabulated the results of Harmonix’s recent alpha test period for their musical FPS Chroma, the studio has come back with a bit of grim news, the game just wasn’t shaping up to be what they envisioned. In an email sent to all current alpha testers, Harmonix explained “Chroma will need some substantial retooling” before the studio is happy with the game’s development direction. As a result, Chroma’s alpha will conclude on June 4th.

The email goes on to explain this conclusion was reached as the result of feedback from both the community and Harmonix’s own internal analysis. The developers go on to say “we remain passionately committed to the high-level vision, and we think there are some very successful mechanics and systems in the existing build. The team has, in fact, already started prototyping new directions for the game based on those successful mechanics. We look forward to sharing with you down the line, as Chroma evolves in new directions”.

In its current alpha state, Chroma attempts to fuse musical rhythms with first person shooter elements, two things which require a large deal of concentration and precision.

Simultaneously and perhaps unrelated, Harmonix also announced it had laid off 37 of its full-time employees. In a statement to Joystiq, Harmonix stated the layoff was neccesary as part of the studios process of restructuring itself in order to bring it into alignment with their development plans.

According to Harmonix these layoffs will not affect any of the studios current projects and lists several of the unaffected titles including the studios recent Kickstarter success Amplitude. Chroma is notably abscent from that list.

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