Summer has returned to Aion, not that it’ll make much difference in the actual in-game weather or anything but it does bring with it the Garden of Growth Summer Event. Once again, crops are ready to harvest, and it’s imperative that you do it before Tentakluds or Dukaki Swindlers get to them.

During this event, players level 76 and up must enter the garden via Inggison or Gilkmaros once a day. While there, they’ll be able to harvest crops every 10 minutes, but they’ll need to be on alert and make sure the bad guys don’t snatch them up first.

Harvesting crops will earn players rewards in the form of Experience Crystals and the chance to obtain an Instance Dungeon Bonus Entry Selection Scroll. Defeating Tentakluds and Kukaki Swindlers will net players an Event Coin and (possibly) Berdin’s Lucky Stars.

The event runs from July 14 to 28, just long enough to earn rewards but not so long you’ll be completely sick of it by the end.

There’s also a week-long XP bonus even for Classic Aion players. Between July 14 and July 21, Classic players will benefit from a 100% XP boost. The announcement doesn’t indicate how this works for free players vs paid, so you’ll just have to wait until it kicks off to get an idea.

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