Hazard Ops, the third-person cooperative shooter from European publisher Infernuum has just opened up its Open Beta. Along with the previously available 8-on-8 PvP and cooperative PvE modes, the transition into Open Beta also brings with it the new co-operative map “Skull Island” and adds “King of the Hill” to the list of available game modes.

While characters have been wiped in preparation for the Open Beta, those who participated in the closed beta will receive a First Blood Pack upon logging into the Open Beta courtesy of Infernuum. It should be noted Hazard Ops is the same game as Zombies Monsters Robots which also recently began its Open Beta under the publishing supervision of En Masse Entertainment in North America. Feature wise, the two are nearly identical, but neither have an IP block so players from both sides of the pond are free to play whichever suits them best.

Hazard Ops was originally developed in the east under the name Mercenary Ops by former assistant Gears of War developer Yingpei Games. Players interested in trying out the Open Beta can sign-up on the official site here.

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  1. if Hazard ops doesn’t used an ip block im so happy to heard that , i was wanted to play these game at all………….. 😀

  2. Clone of another stupid asian shooters, only they can is copy past, i have better games on my mobile phone, game looks so s het, like console game, controls too, epic shet

  3. BTW i don’t support this version EU. Had some issues with the staff there, but good luck 🙂
    its a great game 🙂

    • I’m a GM for the rus version, just fyi none of the mercenary games have too many hackers at all. all of them have full support and plenty of GM’s. all versions. What version are you able to play?

      • i’m playing the EU version atm. and finding the aimbot site ain’t that difficult you just google hazard ops aimbot…. they got paid subscriptions. Good luck with taking them down.

        • Well i don’t support the EU version or the people who run it. But If there are hackers in the EU version already, I’m not shock, considering how bad support is with Infernum. The staff over there are disrespectful.

          But i don’t think its that bad, most GM’s are suppose to be online, you will find us online alot in all mercenary games. Anyways, enjoy playing though.

          • I call fraud. You are no gm but a troll. They both are Enmasse games through the same portal with no IP block…
            And no GM discredits his game, or player base, based on published region lol.unless you want fired.
            Game is fine. Not hacked. PvP is fun. The largest problem is the p2w aspects. Otherwise meh.

          • I agree with cacalips, no GM would EVER disrespect of badmouth another region. It looks bad on both the publisher and himself. So in this case, “GMAlonzo” (if he actually works for them) is making both the RU publisher look bad and himself. But after a google search, i find NOTHING about GMAlonzo except asking noobish questions on Hazard Ops. I call FAKE

          • Yeah, Shawn “GMAlonzo” Vegas is a fraud. From a simple google search he is just some kid sat in his room pretending to be a “GM”. Lol, makes me sick


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