Another Firefall beta test you say? And what makes this one different then the dozens of tests Red5 has conducted? Oh, it’s the last one before the official release on July 9th. The open beta weekend is set to kickoff on Friday and is to some extent a “pre-launch party”.

Like all high class parties there are party gifts to be given. Players who log into the game during the beta weekend will unlock a special pair of night vision goggles. Others who are more artistically inclined can participate in the “Why you love Firefall” contest which rewards players with several awesome prizes including a Razer Blackwidow keyboard, Kraken Pro headset, an AMD 7970 video card, a Commander-level Founder’s Pack, and an awesome Brontodon plushie.

For more festivity details be sure to check out the official post here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Definitely NOT release. Open Beta is NOT release. With many games that is the case, but not with Firefall. Firefall keeps being developed just as much as in closed beta, they’re just opening up to everyone because the core game is done. Don’t misinform people please :), they tend to cause a lot of drama on the forums bitchin’ about how unfinished the game is without even knowing that Red 5 does a real beta.

    • Oh and the beta weekend is this month (7 June) , open beta is next month (9 July). So it doesn’t connects directly from weekend to open .

      • Yeah, the the Launch is a month away… Not sure how this got overlooked.. Well, I guess the NEWS STATEMENT by Firefall wasn’t very clear. Oh well.

        This news post needs to be updated with correct info.

        Thanks! Good catch also TRB.

      • still… It’s NOT release. It’s open beta that’s coming 9th July. People reading this will be expected a full and fixed game, which isn’t what they’re going to get, Red 5 does REAL betas and release is faaaar faaar away.

  2. What’s with the long CBTs? This game and Loadout (among others) have had the longest testing periods. Not that I’m against it, it’s just kind of rare.

    • Takes a lot of money to polish a game. Firefall is pretty much reliant on their founder packs and crowd funding so they both require more time to finish, and have the freedom to do so with their own time frame without a publisher breathing down their necks to make money fast.

      Unless they do have a publisher and money backing, then ignore me.

    • at least they wont fail as a game. *dragon prophet* *neverwinter* ZzZzz stupid games, POE also took long for release and look at it now one of the best games in mmo. now most publishers shiting those games as fast as they can, by just relying on the hype.


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