We only have a few days left until Sega unleashes Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis on the world and everyone has their souls devoured for a while. In fact, I’m sure some of you have your time off schedule and have already stocked up on whatever your go-to is for nutrients. But, before the game launches on the 9th, there’s still a few things to be done — if not on our end, then at least on Sega’s.

Although if you haven’t already created your character using the benchmark program, then you may have some things to do as well. Or, if you play Phantasy Star Online 2 already and like your character, you can transfer it into NGS to keep the appearance.

Speaking of PSO2 OG, Sega’s offering a NGS log-in bonus. For each day players log into June 5, and 6, they’ll receive special rewards. Logging in between 1 AM Pacific June 5 and 1 AM Pacific June 6 will receive one SG 100 Ticket. Logging in between 1 AM June 6 and 1 AM June 7 will net players a SG 10 Ticket and a SG 100 Ticket.

Of course, the final thing to be taken care of is maintenance. Sega has changed the maintenance period a bit. Don’t worry, NGS’s release isn’t being pushed back. Instead, the PSO2 maintenance period will now kick off on 4 PM Pacific June 7, instead of 11 PM June 8. It still comes to an end on June 9. However, they’re now expecting it to end at 1 AM Pacific, two hours earlier than originally planned. But we all know how maintenance periods can go.



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