A major focus of the most recent RIFT Prime patch is the introduction of two 10-man raids: Drowned Halls and Gilded Prophecy. The update was slated to be pushed yesterday — although as of this writing there doesn’t appear to be any patch notes yet. That said, enough information has been doled out that The Ghar Staion was able to put together a summary of the Prime raid system.

Of note in the list is that the raids will make use of Individual Reward Charges in gear rolls, with a boss loot roll costing 1 IRC. Each player will get 2 free loot rolls a week per raid boss.

The other important bit of information is that raid queues can be done through LFR, negating the need for lockouts.

As for the type of gear players can expect, the raid vendor will offer the same as the level 50 T1 raid vendor. Players can expect the vendor to appear on April 25, along with the Greenscale’s Blight raid.

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    • Apparently you do care or else you wouldn’t have visited the article and commented on it. The only other explanation would be that you’re just a troll.

        • This is probably the best that has ever happened to Rift since launch, instead of being childish and posting things based on your opinion. Look up factual information and base your opinion on it. Trion is a shit company, everyone knows, but Rift vanilla boosted the game population by a ton.


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