Heroes and Generals, the strategic shooter that mixes browser-based strategy with hardcore FPS, has been thoroughly entrenched in its open beta for some time now. Idle hands won’t win you a war though, and developer Reto-Moto has been slowly advancing through its long checklist of changes as it marches the FPS towards full release. The latest update named “Newgarden” is Heroes & Generals final build of the year, and goes a long way towards ensuring 2013 ends on a positive note for the FPS.

First up is Heroes & Generals new UI, which was revamped to make it faster to use and more intuitive. For those that don’t know, Heroes & Generals uses a separate browser plugin to handle the strategic side of the game as well most of the game’s eother menus. Before Newgarden, many players (myself included) experienced frequent bugs and instability while using the plugin. The UI changes aren’t quite complete, and Reto-Moto has stated players should expect additional UI features and polish in the upcoming months.

Going hand-in-hand with the UI update, Reto-Moto has also taken the opportunity to change player progression. Characters now progress through a linear progression tree. As they rank up they’ll gain ranks and ribbons, allowing them to unlock new weapons, specific to their accomplishments.

At set ranks players get to choose whether they wish to branch out into new branches of the military; including tank crewman, fighter pilots, and recon. Reto-Moto has said that despite the changes to character progression, the team has made sure players don’t lose their current character’s experience progression, with only a handful of minor changes being made to the character’s themselves.

Changes to how Heroes and Generals render visibility have also been put into place to ensure players at both the low and high end of the PC power spectrum get a fair experience. No more turning down the detail to spot someone hiding along the treeline. Other changes, including a revamp of the map “the airfield”, improved audio feedback, and numerous bug fixes round out the list of changes added in Newgarden.

More indepth details concerning the new progression system along with additional patch notes can be found on the official announcement page here. For those curious where the game is headed, Reto-Moto released an extensive developer feedback series in which the devs answered many of the community’s questions regarding future content possibilities.

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  1. Games garbage. Been in since Alpha. Expecting changes that never arise. Mass hacks since launch. Huge imbalance that destroys game. Allot of P2W features for turning battle tides. The surprising failure of graphic support leads to top end cards chuging on Browser based graphics (processing lots of dump memmory on terrain unused). The bugs bugs bugs (you will die riding a bike and crashing on alittle log, etc). The only nice thing about this idea is what it could have been. To far down the drain for saving. To bad.

  2. Their biggest mistake was not making the game compatible with WinXP when they started making it.
    Tons of people still use WinXP and I think that’s one of the main reasons why this game is not more popular. The game can be played on WinXP but it looks like total crap from what I saw.

    • I don’t know. I think that the fact that it is in a browser is the main reason. It makes the game slower and uncomfortable. That may be what puts people off. I know many people still use Windows XP, but I doubt they are that big of a minus to the games population.

    • Security flaws that involves both browser and operating system
      High DPI-aware and 3D support
      OpenGL and Direct3D (D3D) issue
      And the fact that Microsoft is abandoning support in 2014 as Windows 7 is the new XP.
      Lets face it, time to upgrade and they have MANY reasons for it besides what i listed.

      • i am a moron and never realized, becasue i didnt research anything, …why? cause ima moron,

        the game can be played on xp, little did i know,, why? because im a moron

        • Who said it wasnt playable on XP, I didn’t. Because of the fact you failed to comprehend where im going, you’re the moron. Let me make it more simple so you can understand. Devs are moving to the minimum requirement where at least Windows 7 is the requirement.

    • I played it during summer and you certainly could ride the bikes still.

      I really doubt they will take that away its’ simply to much fun to pedal bike your way into the chaos of battle.


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