Heroes & Generals Exclusive Interview 4

Reto-Moto isn’t done streamlining the way soldiers advance in Heroes & Generals. The last big update took a shot at reducing the grind to rank up your soldiers, and last week’s update makes massive changes to the “feel” of player progression by introducing several new concepts, with the intent of giving players “a better feeling of personal achievement.”

In addition to soldier tiers, players will now have levels, which unlock various options along the way, such as battle types and soldier career options. This change is being made “to enable new players to learn the game in logical steps instead of being confronted with everything at once.”

Matchmaking will be dependent on player level now, with beginning players being eligible only for bronze matches. Silver matches open up at level five and gold at level eight. Also, soldiers can no longer change their careers; instead, newly created soldiers’ career options will be dependent on what player level has been unlocked. Old characters can still change their careers as before.

It’s a lot to absorb, so head on over to the Heroes & Generals site to get the full rundown on all the changes.

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    • I disagree. Haven’t spent a dime and do quite well in the game, but you have to learn the ropes and it’s not COD.


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