Heroes & Generals Improves Squad Functionality And Literally Nerfs New Tank Mine

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

The Devyatayev update for Heroes & Generals makes major changes to how squads operate in the WW2 shooter, making it easier for players to play together and offering rewards for squad-based play.

You can join a squad matching your soldier's profession quickly and easily from the main menu or be assigned to a squad automatically. Once in a squad, you'll receive a stacking 5% XP bonus if one of your squad members has a veteran membership and further bonuses when you achieve a map objective. Players can advance as squad leaders and issue commands to their squad during battles.

The new Soviet T-20 Komsomolets facilitates squad gameplay by providing a transport capable of delivering a full squad to the battle, while new camouflage uniforms for all factions will help keep your squad alive -- not to mention color coordinate. Finally, the Germans get the Panzerwurfmine, a thrown tank mine that looks a little like certain Nerf footballs, but with a more subdued color scheme. And also explosives.

You can read the full patch notes for the Devyatayev update on the Heroes & Generals site.

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