OGPlanet recently announced Heroes of The Realm, a browser based game that apparently combines the TCG style of card collecting, Kingdom Building and the customization depth of an RPG, all while seemingly set right in the middle of a turn based strategy. Kinda like Heroes of Might and Magic meets Magic the Gathering I suppose.

The upcoming strategy game features the ability for players to amass over 350 unique heroes to customize their army with. As a player collects heroes they will be able to expand their unique Kingdom, adding new structures and unlocking new abilities. The RPG element comes in when players choose to equip and customize their heroes with unique loot. Each hero has it’s own equipment page and the ability to combine with other heroes through the use of enchantment cards. By doing this, a new special hero can be created.

Players can organize their groups of heroes into battle formations and can choose to tackle both PvE challenges or test their wits in the PvP arena and Colosseum.

The open beta schedule for Heroes of The Realm is surprisingly short, with the beta kicking off on December 13th and concluding four days later on December 17th. No word on the official release date. If you want to learn more about Heroes of the Realm you can check out the official page here.

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  1. The only thing is, don’t get your hopes up too high if you don’t have any money. OGPlanet games revolve heavily around their virtual currency ( astros ) so don’t expect to be able to build a good deck without spending money often. I’m pretty sure all the strongest cards, units, and other items in the game will cost real money.


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