The latest update for Blizzard’s free to play MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, has hit the servers and quite a few changes were added. First, Sylvanas Windrunner has joined the fray and is now available in the “Try Me” section of the game’s store.

Usually, new heroes are a big deal in each patch, and on this front Sylvanas is no slouch, but when that patch also includes a new battleground, a new hero level cap, and a new Team League option, heroes can kind of get lost in the extensive patch notes.

The hero level cap has been raised from 10 to 20 and new rewards have been added for both hero level and player level mile markers. The Tomb of the Spider Queen battleground has also been released for all game modes. This new, three lane map allows teams to gather gems and turn them into the Spider Queen to summon Webweavers to wreak havoc on enemy forces in all lanes.

For those gamers that want to team up with friends, the new Team League option is worth checking out. You have to be player level 40 and own at least 10 heroes to create or join a team, but once created, your dedicated group can compete with other dedicated groups of similar skill level in ranked competition.

Check out the full patch notes for the full breakdown and Sylvanas’ skill set.

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  1. Never saw so much hate directed at a game…and with no reason. It’s a lot of fun. Love the different maps they help keep it much more interesting than lol. Also enjoy the shorter game time which average to about 20-30 min compared to lol 40-50 min. Only thing I kinda miss are the items and the many potential crazy builds that came with them. Over all its like a league 2.0

  2. This game is a scam and just because of principle i will never touch the game fuck them and their endless development just too sell more founder packs

  3. I’ve been enjoying playing this game with my friends. There’s some pricing that seems way off, such as £12 for a rainbow unicorn mount skin, but if you want to buy those, that’s your choice. Progression works the same as it does in League of Legends, you accumulate gold by completing daily missions and by playing the game. Once you have enough, you can permanently unlock a Hero. Otherwise, for the less patient of us there is the option to unlock the Hero with real money.

    I can understand if you are planning to play competitively on a professional level, you will want to have all the Heroes available to attempt effective counter picking, an endeavour that either takes some time or some money.

    Overall, it’s a well polished game – even in it’s beta state. The gold gain feels a bit slow, but otherwise it is an enjoyable moba for those who wish to skip the complicated itemisation that most other games of the genre have.

  4. Pay To Win ? people are really smart , dont see any items u can get by paying money that will help u kill others.. only thing u can buy for money that can help u lvl up and get gold is stimpacks and u can get skins that dont affect the gameplay , and heroes u can buy with ingame money so p2w isnt rly good way to describe the game…oh well , game is interesting cuz it gives something new to moba genre , not 1 hero getting fed and wining the game , it requires alot of teamwork,rly nice game,glad i got the key 🙂

  5. and also its will be fake free to play with pay to win cash shop, so nerds who cant win without cheats preper to spend cash

  6. Copy paste from dota 2 but looking so bad with those facy extreme settings, i laugh when i saw it 😀 looks like wow , unplayable controls, there is no wasd movement, what a brain dead devs, now i know why so many ppl left blizzard, shame to bring this cheap piece of “ärt”.

  7. i bet all the hate comments comes from the same guy with different accounts the same guy who post on every news about the same “pay to win” or “trash game” without even try it the game and just wanna see the people go crazy for the troll coments

  8. All the but hurt comments above probably came from a lame kid that needs a beating. This game is beast!!! Finally something different from other mobas where teamwork is really the centre point of to win a match

    • not to bash or anything, but usually teamwork is the center of any MOBA match lol. This game is just like any other MOBA out there only with popular blizzard characters

  9. Typical Butthurt Loosers who have opinion on every game as p2w.Which part of HoTS is p2w,no-one can tell it but still giving damn retarded opinion as always lol.

    Every hero is Unlockable by playing so what is p2w,I dont know.The talents are unlockable after leveling hero to 4.

  10. These people are just salty because they have no money to spend on games to progress faster.
    Skill still carries this game.
    Blizzard is also obviously doing something right compared to other companies if they are still as successful as they for as long as they have been.

      • Neither do I. I’m just trolling all the haters that constantly spew bs about Blizz just because they hate the company.

    • yeah , people cry about p2w cuz skins and stimpacks can be bought only with real money , well i dont buy stuff ingame with real money that often either , but dont even need them , they wont affect the gameplay , people are really weird…


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