The latest Heroes of the Storm patch has arrived on the game’s PTR. Available for testing until December 11th, the update will make some serious changes to the game’s matchmaking system — although this particular feature will not be available on the test realm until November 27th. The new system will include a performance-based system that takes into account the contributions of individual players rather than just wins and losses. The new MMR system will hopefully be more accurate, allowing players to reach their proper rank swiftly.

The update will also bring the second of the “dragons” to Heroes. This time, Overwatch’s Hanzo makes his way into the Nexus.

With the end of the year just around the corner, players can also give the 2018 gameplay update a go. This update will make changes to Battleground objective events, adjusting timers, minimaps, and more.

As always, the full set of patch notes can be found on the Heroes of the Storm site. Players will also find a variety of changes to various Heroes to go over as well.

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  1. The moba i had most fun until i faced the matchmaking, like this one have the worst matchmaking i’ve seem in any game of genre. Really, the worst (you can check that by yourself at forums).

    Heroes of storm is already fucked (the queues are absolutely long), they keep trying to make things similar to other famous mobas to attract people.

    The amount of bad matches this game gave me is the reason i don’t want that to be successful.
    Well, who knows?

    Also, optmization is really bad.

  2. I quitted HotS because of its awful matchmaking system, I used to have massive loss streaks about 12 times in a row, then 4 wins then about 8 loses more, and so on with a kda of 4.4 in about 400 matches. It was so annoying to be in a loss streak everyday that I got tired of it even if I spent about 100 dollars having almost every halloween skin / portrait / mount and stuff


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