Heroes of the Storm has officially revealed the next to characters to join the roster, and both are making the hop over from the Diablo universe.

Blizzard teased the latest addition to the free-to-play MOBA with a short video, which we posted yesterday. As suspected, one of the duo was the female Wizard. The other… the Necromancer.

It looks like things are getting dark in the Nexus.

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  1. Shame, how can make so ugly poop, itsa 2015 year game but looks like from ninties, and there is nothing new just copy paste from any countless mobas, one map over and over playingm, i better suicide

    • nineties? nothing new? one map? Dude u haven’t even seen a gameplay, the game has 10 maps so far, and more to come, My old computer could run LoL on ultra perfectly but not Hots on medium so don’t talk about ninety graphics, and the only thing i see copied and pasted from other mobas is the MOBA genre. play the game before you start talking bullsht. people read this and believe it and stops them from trying this fantastic game


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