Blizzard Entertainment, in its apparently neverending quest to out-cute even the cats on the internet, has announced the latest hero to join the ranks of Heroes of the Storm. He is the cutest Protoss drone you’ll ever see… Seriously. His level of cute is almost visually deadly.

Known as ‘Probius,’ the little drone is apparently the “bravest of probes”… and the one who warped in a critical pylon when they retook Aiur.

Now, he’s in the Nexus and ready to warp in more pylons. In fact, that’s his Trait. For the mount collectors among you, Probius might be a bit of a disappointment. Since the little dude floats, he doesn’t require a mount. Instead, he moves 10% faster than other heroes and has the ability to move 50% faster for 5 seconds when “Worker Rush” is activated.

His other abilities are pretty much what you’d expect from a drone — things like Disruption Pulse, Warp Rift, and Photon Cannon.

Check out Probius in the video above.

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