The annual Hi-Rez Expo is just ten days away, taking place during DreamHack in Atlanta. While not all of us can make it to the actual event, there are still plenty of ways to watch at least some of it via Twitch, Mixer, and Steam. Even better, those watching the event can earn goodies in both Smite and Paladins. Each day of the event, those viewing will be given different rewards. They are as follows:

Friday, November 15: 

  • SMITE: 2019 Odyssey Chest Roll
  • Paladins: DreamHack Maeve Skin

Saturday, November 16:

  • SMITE: Hi-Rez Expo Loki Skin
  • Paladins: Quicksilver Ying Skin

Sunday, November 17:

  • SWC 2019 Jump Stamp + Avatar Bundle & Keymaster Janus Skin
  • Paladins: Coldsnap Furia Skin

The awards won’t necessarily appear in-game right away, in fact, Hi-Rez warns that it could take up to three weeks. Those attending DreamHack in person are also eligible to receive the same items. However, you will need to purchase the HRX bundle along with the DreamHack Atlanta ticket.

On another note, for those that live in certain areas, official viewing parties have been scheduled. If you’d like to see if there’s one near you, hit up the post on the SMITE site.


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