Hi-Rez Studios just added three development studios and an art service company to its lineup — this is in addition to its media studio Skillshot.

The new studios all fall under the Hi-Rez banner, each handling development on one of Hi-Rez’s current games. Now, SMITE will continue development under Titan Forge Games, as will Realm Royale under Heroic Leap Games, and Paladins under Evil Mojo Games. As for the art service company — Alacrity Arthouse — it will offer a variety of media related services including 3-D modeling, FX, concept art, video creation, and more.

According to statements from Hi-Rez’s Chris Larson, who will oversee these development teams as the general manager for first-party studios, the individual studios were created to allow each team to focus on their individual communities.

“We view game operation as a marathon, not a sprint. Our games are built to provide near constant updates over many years. By giving each major game its own dedicated studio and identity, we empower them to control their own destiny and focus exclusively on their player communities, while still having access to our leading shared publishing services.”

It also allows Hi-Rez as a company to broaden its scope, with the newly created Hi-Rez Publishing Group functioning as a service organization. According to Stew Chisam, Hi-Rez Studios president and head of publishing, the new structure will allow for more ease in scaling to multiple games, “while ensuring [their] existing games communities recieve a better, more focused service than ever before.”

As a bit of a side note, I was poking around on the new sites and it appears that Hi-Rez has another project in the works. Whether this will fall under one of the current companies or a new one will be created isn’t indicated. When you click on job listings on any individual site it takes you back to Hi-Rez proper and there’s a section full of listings for an unannounced game.


  1. Look at Paladins how it is. In the past I was addicted to it, literally loved it. But they had to ruin it. Moderators on forums do not even help, only closing threads which are really questionable about the future and improvement. On forums there are many similar threads about a lot of clear bugs to fix, also proper balance ideas, and yet they ruin champions and roles by not proper balance between the roles and champions in the roles given. Server is a joke, disconnecting even for those who have perfectly fine connection and PC and they are given unfair deserter because their server is a potato one. They don’t care about the community, they only care about milking money. I get it they need to get money out of their game, but cmon put something for normal type players who do not spend the money on, they made champions expensive (from 7.5 & 12k gold to 15k, 30k & 60k gold) just so people/new players are forced to buy champion’s pack or in other way it will take months to unlock all, but before you could literally unlock it in a normal time even for those who do not play everyday. and at least engage with your player base and their report system or system in general in game is a joke. They are the perfect example how Gaming company SHOULD NOT LEAD THEIR GAMES. Also, they ban people for literally anything (without any warning, no clear reason, let’s leave those third party users who are banned for a reason) on a bit of short, they are a disgrace and I am really disappointed because Paladins used to be my favorite game after all previous ones got shut down. This is just a small piece of stated problem, just check their forum. Really sad, i wish some other and better gaming company buys it and actually tries to give a listen to the problems about the game (Like Overwatch is goinf, kudos to the game community and Jeff, engaging and listening ON POINT) and hopefully it will go on the better way. Hi-Rez or in other words, Low-Rez & Bugladins, you will understand if you played long enough way before out of OBT time

  2. I trusted this company, yet they lied and made the promising titles to disaster. Paladins was great 1 year ago, now its a hollow shell for it former self….because the greed.


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