When Albion Online‘s Queen update hits on January 20, it will be the game’s largest content update since 2017, adding several new features and improving existing content. Among the new features are Hideouts, underground bases that allow guilds to live and operate in the Outlands. Speaking of the Outlands, these have been reworked so that high-tier zones are at their center and lower-tier zones are around the edge.

The update also adds new Elite Randomized Dungeons. These dungeons allow for large groups and feature the new Avalonian faction. Completing these dungeons will earn players a week-long PvP buff in addition to whatever loot they manage to obtain from them.

Of course, there are plenty of quality of life changes including wardrobe skins, new cursors and icons, keyboard shortcuts for those wanting to inspect other players, and more. Full details on the upcoming update can be found on the Albion site.

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