Hey ho! It’s almost Christmas and like many places in town, MMOBomb’s staff are getting a few days off to celebrate the holidays with their family, or in some cases just their cats. That unfortunately means no Bomblive stream today (12/24) and a small delay in the F2P Weekly Recap.

In the meantime I highly recommend you check out our extreme Doomsday Holiday Giveaway which I guess at this point is just a Holiday Giveaway, seeing as the apocalypse was averted. I’d like to think it was because of this Jello pudding offering. In any case, the giveaway hasn’t actually ended and there is still some great free stuff to snag on the page. No need to thank us, just think of us as some sort of F2P Santa, but don’t sit in our laps.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Late Mery Xmas to all and a grand New Years too. Make was ok until I got the new my Mother finally past on yesterday and well she is now a peace and in the heavens with my dad . Traveling back to Ohio with my middle daughter for the funeral an all will be going for a few days .Well see u all when I return . Also have a Safe New Year’s Eve all .

  2. Merry Christmas MMOBomb! It’s been a great year and I wish for another great year with your first looks, reviews and other great videos of your channel! Unfortunately, I didn’t grab any AoW EU keys but I hope there will be more giveaways for this game 😀 Merry Christmas again!

  3. let me start with merry xmas and then the cosmicbreak give away is broken can you take it down or fix it so people will stop rageing on it thank you ^^


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