The DC Multiverse is at it again with Turbine and Warner Bros. upcoming MOBA Infinite Crisis. This action packed clash of DC titans has all of the favorite heroes and villains from the series battling it out across the arena.

As of now the all star lineup is comprised of Batman, Superman, The Joker, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Aquaman and even the machine wielding Mecha Superman. There are also hints of an upcoming Catwoman via the website.

Heroes will battle their way across several maps in an effort to instill peace, hope, mayhem or chaos.
Open Beta will feature three different maps upon launch, including a tri-lane “Gotham Divided” map, which puts players in the heart of a Gotham City riddled with chaos.

Sign-ups for Open Beta can be found at the official website.

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  1. tried it didnt like it cause it reminded me a lot of league(when i used to play it that is)but with dc characters but it is true what said above it is a little more fast paced than league or dota 2 anyways i suggest if anyone is interested just try it for yourselfs u may or may not like i personally didnt someone else may like it.its all about taste so dont take anyones opinion for granded

  2. Well, in all honesty this moba is probably the only good one to come out after lol/dota2,,,
    After playing LoL since 2009 up till this day this game is actually really much fun, it doesnt look all that much but for me it works. The game is not slow paced — its actually faster compared to lol/dota
    simply because you tried it and got owned doesnt mean the game is bad. I really hope this game takes off. PS. LOL CHALLENGER

  3. Im not a fanboy, i played different mobas and like new game and game varieties.

    But this game here, isnt that good, there’s a really low rooster of champ (which shouldnt be much of a problem seeing it is a beta), low variety of item, the game feels really slow paced compared to other games of the same genre, the character lines are pretty bad and mechanic and the minions/creep that spawn are the same, but with a different color, which can confuse you sometimes.

    You should give it a try, i didnt like it. For the moment, this game is bad and cant compete with the others of the same genre

  4. This game is the BEAST !

    All the people above me are probably just League of legends / Dota fanboys… Dont listen to them. The atmosphere of the game is incredible; the champs are all so different that the game never gets repetitive! The maps have incredible detail and offer much more strategy than ANY OTHER MOBA!
    Dont listen to the fools above or you will miss out on one of the best upcoming games!!!

    • i don’t even like lol, but if i needed to chose wich one this or lol i would chose lol, lol got much more to offer, and this is just lol in dc skins biggest rip off ever.

      • i agree,so much elements in this game remind of lol and they didnt even bother to mask that,and it doesnt bring anything revolutionary like every moba these days tries to

        • One of the main reasons why Infinite Crisis is more fun than League of Legends, is that the characters have by far more background information. The ingame playstyles depend on the lore of the character, and thus make the gameplay feel explosive.

          Another neat thing is the huge variety of Stolen Powers (those 2 spells you get to chose while champion selection). There are a few core spells, which got different versions that have small differences. This adds more strategy and more gameplay variety.

      • i don’t even like your mother, but if i needed to chose wich one a dirty gutter tramp or your mother i would chose a dirty gutter tramp, dirty gutter tramp got much more to offerl, and this is just dirty gutter tramp in dc skins biggest rip off ever.


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