Ahead of ArcheAge’s official launch set for September 16th, Trion Worlds has kicked off a limited Open Beta period for the craft-centric MMORPG starting today, September 4th and concluding on Monday, September 8th. During this period, all character progress from the previous Closed Beta will remain.

Unlike other Open Beta’s which usually represent a ‘soft-launch’ for most MMO’s and drone on for months; all servers will be wiped following the Open Beta in preparation for ArcheAge’s Head Start, which gives those who purchased a Founders pack a four-day leveling lead starting on September 12th.

It should be mentioned, Trion has been dealing with DDoS issues overnight aimed at all of the studio’s services including ArcheAge. Because of this, players may find their Open Beta experience intermiddetly interrupted due to the massive influx of Open Beta players combined with the persistent DDoS attack. Details regarding the situation can be found here.

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  1. Started the download in the morning and now its noon.Just ended the 2 hour unzip and need 1-2hours to apply files. WTF!! If u dont have “serious” reasons to play,then think twice.U might need a straight 8-10 hours to get it done!

  2. This game is free to play but pay to have fun.If you don’t have some money to pour into it your gonna have a hard time in this game from the beginning.Try it for yourself.The only ones who can defend this are those who bought founder packs.

    • Was gonna play this as a filler, i.e hit cap do as much random stuff like build a ship etc.

      Not so sure I’ll play much, even at all, they added some item into the cashshop which is p2w – check the forum out for the qq.

      Even founders / early access ppl are getting mad because they can’t get a refund.

      • Sadly, I had actually bought a founder’s pack because I liked the concept before this game was released. I now regret this decision and from now on will never waste money to “support the developers” unless the devs are working on their first game and actually need financial help unlike big publishers like Trion Worlds.

        But yea, if your looking for one of the best MMORPGs released in recent years, just save the potential money you’ll be wasting on archeage to actually have fun playing the damn game and buy Guild Wars 2. It seems like a lot of low-quality f2p games are being released just for the sake of making a few quick bucks and dropping the game after 6 months.

    • They’re working on a way to make patron status accessible to free players, like.. buying it through ingame means.

      In the meantime, it helps if you have a friend who has patron, since they can allow you to use their property to farm, can help you craft (since they would have way more labour points to use), etc.

      The current system is kinda shitty, yeah, but the system is already being iterated on in KR, as far as I know.


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