A week away from this year’s E3 conference, Crytek has announced ‘Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age’ a new cooperative third-person shooter set during the late 1800s which sees a team of four fighting off an encroaching infestation of supernatural horrors which crawl forth from the hot marshes of the old American south.

HUNT comes from Crytek USA which is comprised of former Vigil Games developers who were previously responsible for the single player RPG Darksiders. In HUNT the gameplay is a marked departure from Darksiders, with a very strong sense of Killing Floor familiarity permeating through the way the game presents itself.

Much like Left 4 Dead or Killing Floor, HUNT has four players assume the role of individually distinct and customizable hunters making their way across maps stuffed with the terrifying evils of American folklore, complete with special boss encounters which require full team cooperation. In order to keep players on their toes, HUNT employs random map generation which rearranges the environment and enemies to provide a greater sense of peril.

While Crytek hasn’t specifically come out and said HUNT will be Free-to-Play, it will be a part of the studios “Games-as-a-Service” which already includes such F2P titles as their upcoming MOBA Arena of Fate and the military FPS Warface.

HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age is set to enter closed beta on PC sometime later this year, but will also be released on unarmed consoles at a later date. Crytek plans to show off HUNT for the first time at this years E3 which is scheduled to start next week.

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  1. So judging by the way the graphics are in the video it could be an isometric. The video does show nothing it is just a pure waste of time even most teasers show a small segment of gameplay.

    a d2 clone from crytek would be cool.


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