Nexon’s upcoming MOBA, Hyper Universe, is landing on Steam Early Access later this month on August 24.

Once the game hits Steam, it will be available to purchase at a 38% discount. However, this discount offer will only last a few short days — until the 27th. So, if you’d like to pick up the game in Early Access and save money doing it, you’ll want to get in there fast.

One of the benefits of grabbing the game in Early Access is that it grants players access to 28 characters — 24 right off the bat and 4 earnable, as well as the Delta Station Map. The unlockable characters can be kept for free. Another perk is that all those picking up the game in Early Access can enter a sweepstakes to win a free Founder’s Pack.

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  1. Managed to score a founders pack from participating in BETA. Overall game experience is great, has a lot of potential being a diff type of MOBA. It may be compared to awsomenauts but the artwork will be its saving grace for those who prefer an eastern anime style than a western styled art. All i hope is they’d cater for more than just NA and EU servers and actually have SEA/Oceanic servers as this is where this specific kind of art style in games tend to be more popular.

  2. Do I think this game is fun and a decent game? Yes. Do I think it will succeed? No. It’s a side scroller mobs, like awesomenauts. No one is going to switch over from overhead or 3rd person perspective moba if they are content playing them. Most people (not me) have one moba that they play. I’m not really sure what kind of people they are trying to target with this game but I don’t think there is any room for it, at least in the western gaming worlds.

    • You’re not wrong, with what we currently have? (league, dota, smite, overwatch, hots) I’m honestly going to bet this game isn’t going to be very popular..
      You have a good point though, it’s not going to change much.

  3. So, a discount for an Early Access game? An early access game!!! DISCOUNT!!! COME COME, COME AND SPEND YOUR MONEY ON SOMETHING WE DON’T KNOW FOR HOW LONG WILL STAND…EVEN IF IT WILL LAUNCH AT ALL!!!!….. -sigh….guess these companies took the blue pill and live in their BS dreamy Founders and Early Access matrix.

    • If it works, it works. When people will stop buying these, publishers will stop selling them. You can’t possibly blame the publisher for utilizing strategy that is still largely accepted by players. Or at least accepted enough not to stop buying.


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