Ubisoft has a problem with leaks. A few weeks ago, details regarding The Division Heartland surfaced via a “private” video for playtesters and today we’ve learned about another, unannounced, project that the developer and publisher has in store.

BattleCat appears to be the name of a objective-based first-person shooter for consoles and PC that began internal testing in January. A Twitter user leaked several images from what looks to be a marketing presentation that can now be seen in a gallery on Imgur. Two game modes are described, an Escort mode similar to other games’ “push the payload” mode, and Ringleader, which has players scooping up rings dropped by slain enemies; the player with the most rings will then try to survive for 30 seconds so they can “bank” their rings to contribute to their team’s score.

The game’s several factions are pulled from several Ubisoft franchises, including Splinter Cell, The Division, and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. As expected, each faction has its own specialty. The Echelon are stealth experts who appear invisible on the map and can scout out enemy locations, while the Wolves have better armor than other factions and can deploy a Mag Barrier shield to provide additional protection.

Characters appear to have a number of passive and active abilities, as well as an “ultimate” ability, such as the Wolves’ mobile AoE shield or the Outcasts’ Lifesaver ability, which prevents allies from dying for a limited time.

The original Twitter post has since been removed, but there’s a thread on Reddit that summarizes the information that’s been gathered surrounding the game. This includes the notion that Ubisoft is apparently developing another Ghost Recon game under the working title of “OVR.”

While most sources for BattleCat news, including the first outlet to report upon it, VideoGamesChronicle, don’t make any mention of the game’s payment model, a few have slapped the “free-to-play” label on it. Given Ubisoft’s recent stated desire to expand into F2P with AAA titles, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see BattleCat take that approach. That said, it resembles one prominent title that isn’t yet F2P, so nothing is certain until we hear the official word from Ubisoft.


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