Incarnates Rising: Two New Warriors Announced For Namco Bandai's 2 on 2 Fighter

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor Posted:

Two new contenders have entered the arena of Namco Bandai's upcoming fighting game, Rise of Incarnates.

Erendira Quinn was an abused child whose power was awakened at a young age, eventually leading her to work for the U.S. government in an attempt to create a world where normal humans and incarnates could live together in harmony. When that didn't work, she became a vigilante of sorts, with the goal of holding "renegade" incarnates accountable for their actions.

Reinhold Kruger is your classic mastermind villain, working to overthrow the European Union and place power in the hands of the incarnates, which makes his recent decision to go to the United States that much more puzzling. He commands a legion of incarnates and a vast, all-encompassing intelligence network.

In the game, each character has access to a specialized vehicle; for Quinn, that's her lightning-fast motorcycle, Brynhildr, and for Kruger, it's the multi-legged battle tank Odin.

Closed beta testing for Rise of Incarnates will start in the early summer.

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GMAlonzoIsStupid 9 years ago
sucking isnt necessarily a bad thing. I mean I get it if you dont love a bj but there are millions that do so shaddup stupid

GMAlonzo 9 years ago
btw the game sucks.
i wont be bothering with it.

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Cyril 9 years ago
So bummed out that it requires DX11. :|

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Eviil 9 years ago
As a former tester, they're heading in the right direction. The only thing that concerns me is the repetitive play. Hopefully they will bring new ideas into the table in order to keep the playerbase high enough to make us want more because 2v2 with just buildings around with just physics isnt gonna cut it. bring on the FUN!

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buggy 9 years ago
epic game

Mr Funkadunk 9 years ago

gamr looks awesome

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