Well, we have great news for those of you who are planning on playing NetEase’s space exploration Infinite Lagrange and might have been worried you wouldn’t have anyone to play with. You’ll have a lot of people to play with — over 900,000 people across all available platforms. So, you’re not going to be all alone in space.

That’s not terrible new for NetEase as the game launches. And it has… at least somewhat. In North America and Europe, Infinite Lagrange is now available to download via PC or your preferred mobile device. If you’re not in either of those regions, you can still sign up via the pre-registration button is still available on the game’s official site.

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  1. its a nice LOOKING game and its got a theme I like, this game reminds me of that older flop that had fantastic graphics and built up to be a lemon.
    This game is set to mobile rules with data information collection rampant as much as they want and can take it seems. which is a bad thing for PC players, these mobile devs think they can take information from PC players. Ours Laws are like sloaths and need to bring the rules on data collection to a complete stop! this is theft and intrusion on our privacy.
    The problem here is devs do it because they can.. mobile games switching to PC need to drop the intrusion. I do see now why these company choose GOOGLE.the ULTIMATE DATA THIEF.
    Being a mobile game it should stay there and keep taking mobile users information.
    Watchout for cryto mning game devs on mobiles too and now trying to creep in the PC!.
    On the game play its confusing to the first player for sure as its kind of lost with its mixed up mess of a system —>MOBILE! colors and directions.have no real control for the player to quickly go through pages, there’s way too many cut scenes all set up for *mobile .
    Unfortunately for me I saw this game as a complete drag and waste of my TIME with the expense of info being whisked away by the second. I blocked them. lol
    Uninstalled and cleaned out. I don’t often suggest this but go to Eve or many of the other Proper PC games.


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