Infinite Lagrange






About the game:
Title: Infinite Lagrange
Status: Beta
Developer: NetEase
Publisher: NetEase

Build a galactic empire in a visually stunning sci-fi universe in free-to-play MMORPG Infinite Lagrange. Scour the universe for valuable places to mine resources that you can use to build up a vast array of ships, each of which has its own tech tree. Venture into the unknown and return with riches beyond your wildest dreams!

Infinite Lagrange is a massive PvE sandbox, where players can carve out their own territory and team up to take down greater threats. Complete seasonal strategy goals that benefit all players, and enrich your empire with plunder found in ancient ruins and far-flung planets.

Explosive Features:

  • Massive PvE Universe
  • Customizable Starships
  • Seasonal Community Goals

News and Updates

Space Strategy MMO Infinite Lagrange Launches Today

Alright sci-fi fans, today's the day. NetEase's sci-fi strategy game Infinite Lagrange is now live in the Americas. That's North, South, and Central. Today...

NetEase’s Sci-Fi Strategy Game Infinite Lagrange Comes West June 2nd

Sci-fi gaming fans in the Americas are getting a new offering from NetEase very soon -- June 2nd to be exact. The game, Infinite...

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System Requirements

Infinite Lagrange Minimum System Requirements:

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