Inflexion Will Be Letting Players Know They’re In Nightingale's Friday Stress Test The Day Of

Players will want to keep a close eye on their emails.

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Nightingale Stress Test

If you’ve signed up for the Nightingale stress test on Steam, you’ll be wanting to keep a watch out for an email on February 2. That’s right, Inflexion will be sending out invitations the day the stress test kicks off – and not before. The emails will be sent randomly through Steam’s system beginning at 10:00 Mountain time, an hour before the game's test begins at 11:00. Depending on how things go during the test, the devs will roll out more invites throughout the test period, which ends at 2:00 Mountain time.

According to the announcement post, the dev team will be monitoring a variety of factors to determine when during the test to bring in more people and how many. The goal is to get everyone who has signed up in. However, considering the short play period, that may not happen. The devs do note that everyone who is granted access during the test will be able to begin play as soon as they’ve downloaded the game. The exception to this will be those who get their invitations before 11:00 as they’ll have to wait until the server opens.

If you’re wondering what everyone will be playing during the stress test, it will be a special version of the game that skips the tutorial and provides players with upgraded tools and gear – so they can really get in there and start playing. Some recipes will be unlocked as well.

Players will be notified via email from Steam if they’ve been selected to participate. Since the emails will only begin going out an hour before the test begins, everyone who signed up via Steam will want to keep a close eye on their email. Even if you don’t receive the initial invite, be aware that the stress test FAQ notes that Inflexion may be inviting people up to half an hour before the test ends.

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