Interview With Genshin Impact Devs Highlight And Answer Important Player Questions Regarding Genshin’s Future.

From the looks of it, Genshin Impact still has many ideas to keep the game fresh and fun.

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Genshin Impact Interview

The Genshin Impact community is forever growing and with that, so are the questions that surround Genshin. People wonder about endgame content, if the traveler will ever get their own costume/ cosmetic, and will the Resin cap ever grow as the Genshin World grows? When Genshin was first released in 2020, the game was said to last over 10 years. Now, in a recent interview with the developers at HoYoverse, some of these important questions are finally answered.

To start, it looks like there are no plans to improve on Resin as the developers mention that while domains, bosses, and Ley Lines are important means to farm character and weapon ascension materials, and resin is needed to claim these rewards, the devs have created more options for players to obtain character development items through events and other challenges.

Another thing the devs addressed was the problems that limited-time events were creating in the game. For example, some players who didn't start the game at the very beginning missed Scaramouche’s first introduction in a limited-time Mondstadt event. The devs are aware of this issue and are looking for solutions.

The main characters of Genshin, depending on who a player picked, could either be Aether or Lumine. Many players have often hoped that these two would get some kind of costume or even a cosmetic item from an event but while the devs believe it to be “an intriguing idea” no plans have been made at this time.

Lastly, we come to endgame content, an important part for players who find themselves discovering all chests and finishing all quests quickly in Genshin. As of now, the only real endgame content would be Spiral Abyss, a layered chamber of different challenges that test a player's ability to create teams and execute combos in the most efficient way as they race against the clock.

While there are no plans for something similar to the Abyss (thank goodness) the team is looking at ways that players can enjoy more time in Genshin, for example with their recently announced in-game TCG. In addition, the team is confident they will be able to provide more unique ideas to the open world game to keep players interested and entertained during the next 8 years or more of Genshin Impact.

If players want to read the full interview with the Genshin Impact devs, please check out the full interview on Game Spot’s site.

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