Prepare To Bust Some Heads: New PvP Crystal Arena Live Now In Albion Online

A whole lot of PvP love in this update!

Anthony Jones
By Anthony Jones, News Editor Posted:

Into The Fray Patch 1

The first patch of the "Into the Fray" update is now live in sandbox MMORPG Albion Online. At the head of the content update is the brand-new PvP Crystal Arena, complete with some improvements and a few quality-of-life changes to make travel easier.

As for Arena improvements, competing players will now be fully healed at the end of each match and have their cooldowns reset before another fight. Waiting times have been cut quite a bit - especially for premade 5-player teams - allowing them to jump into the action quicker. Also, the max load size got buffed for players inside an Arena match, and any PvPer can now monitor their Crystal Arena Rank Points and how far they can go within a season on their character's stats UI screen.

The latter half of the patch helps clean up player travel, letting players teleport to Royal Cites and islands from newly-established Portal Towns. There are various spells and UI optimizations out today, alongside a bug fix that popped up an error message when a mounted player clicked a capturable orb. Now, whenever a player clicks on one within an area like the Crystal League, the player will dismount and avoid the error. Other quality-of-life changes make the "Enrage" buff of Elite Castle Guards no longer stackable and increase the de-spawn of Castle and Castle Outpost chests from 5 to 30 minutes.

You can read through the official patch notes on the Albion Online website.

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