“First-Person Body Snatcher” (FPBS) doesn’t really roll off the tongue, though “FPS” doesn’t seem totally accurate either. You do “shoot” people in S.W.A.P., a new game from Chaos Theory Games, but not to harm them — instead, you swap bodies with your target.

S.W.A.P.’s single game mode is a form of capture the flag, naturally made all the more chaotic by the fact that you don’t just steal the flag from other players — you steal the other players themselves. It’s a cool concept, and sounds like the kind of FP(S) innovation that we got from a game like Portal, where the “shooting” mechanic involved a fundamental shift in how you control your character’s movements, rather than simply a way to mow down enemies.

Chaos Theory Games obviously doesn’t have Valve’s budget, and the game is a bit of a “visual mess,” as some have referred to it. And making money isn’t CTG’s plan for S.W.A.P. The game’s totally free, though there’s a petition on the site to help raise money for a crowdfunding campaign to remake the game in a more complete form. Whether CTG or some other company capitalizes on the idea, it’s an innovative approach that we’d like to see more of.


  1. The mechanic it revolves around is too simple, it might be good for a laugh or two when you first send your friend falling to his death. But that will grow old fast.

  2. seems quite nice,the gamepaly will indeed by fast paced,A LOT,but it looks like it will need a good set of rules so that teams dont just camp a waypoint since there looks like its no killing involved.
    Also…indeed the game is visual mess….


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