Iran has decided to ban a majority of the female champions in League of Legends from being played in the WCG 2013 Game Festival.

According to the official rules (which are in Persian) the following champions are all banned from Competition:

Ahri, Akali, Ashe, Caitlyn, Cassiopia, Elise, Evelyn, Irelia, Janna, Karma, Katarina, Leblanc, Miss Fortune, Morgana, Nidalee, Orianna, Riven, Shyvana, Sivir, Sona, Soraka, Syndra, Vi, and Zyra.

The debate still rages whether or not to allow Diana, Fiora, Karma(traditional skin only), Kayle, Leona, Lissandra, Lulu, Lux, Nami, Quinn, Sejuani, Tristana, Vayne in tournament play.

The reason for the blanket bans can be traced back to the Iranian governments Islamic roots. In order for the tournament to be considered legal, tournament organizers are required to ask for the governments approval to have the event. This means the decision lies with the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance a.k.a the “Ershad”.

Apparently the Iranian government is enforcing the religious practice of forbidding the exposure of a woman’s body other than hands and feet. Considering that Fiora and Vayne are on the maybe list, it makes me wonder if they’ve actually seen all the skins, Headmistress Fiora and Heartseeker Vayne anyone?

One other curious rule revolves around Annie. While not at all sexually depicted, in order to play Annie, players must lower their headset volume.

It is noteworthy to mention that this is Iran’s first participation in the World Cyber Games. However, their progress forward in society (and certainly their progress competitively) has surely been hampered by this decision.

The question now is, will Iran demand Riot enforce the decision for all teams participating in the event? Surely not, but I can’t imagine Iran would ban these champions from play only to allow them to be playable by other teams while in a match with Iranian players. What do you think will happen?

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  1. Fevalt on August 29, 2013

    How do people from the Iran play League of Legends on their stone monitor and wooden keyboard is what I don’t understand.

  2. Bic Boi on August 29, 2013

    And this is why you can’t a western game to overseas audiences without risking screams of “this is wrong”, “we shouldn’t have that”, “we can’t show that”. You can’t keep your vision intact because others will always complain about it. Instead of leaving the self to decide what is right and wrong, people look to others to decide what is right and wrong for everyone. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you get when you let others control your life and sensibilities.

  3. BOOM on August 29, 2013

    Iran needs a LuckyStrike from Japan πŸ˜›

  4. Trumbles on August 29, 2013

    Governments shouldn’t have the right to impose their religious beliefs over their entire population… Oh well.

  5. Some dude on August 29, 2013

    One does not simply ban female characters from a game, shit fifth world country…

  6. VeXyM on August 29, 2013

    a lil suggestion for the teams participating in the tournament πŸ˜‰ everyone should pick champions only from the banned list .. just to piss em off

  7. BaDBlo0DBG on August 29, 2013

    And where is the fckin point to ban animated champions with taht religion? FCK LOGIC! FCK THIS COUNTRY! NO RACISM! JUST FCK THEM ALL!

  8. RyuKaiser on August 29, 2013

    And people wonder why America has Separation of Church and State. Let them have their bans, only if it’s on their personal team. Just don’t cry when you get roflstomped by the ladies.

  9. Lersayil on August 29, 2013

    Pass me some of that popcorn!

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Iran can be vocal about banning female characters, and Riot can just move the tournament. In the latter case, i doubt anyone would be suprised. To each his own.

    MMOBomb! The best place to argue about politics and religion!

  10. dagudman on August 29, 2013

    As long as they don’t try to do anything with the other countries I don’t see this as a problem, for the muslims that want to play an uncensored version they will be able to get on european or asian or american servers.

  11. RELIGION FIGHT !! on August 29, 2013

    *Grabs popcorn* but for real, female champs in league of legend are just made for horny teens , if their religion is against that , why not ??????? i play league of legend for 3 years so.. you know what i mean

  12. AtheistFromFinland on August 29, 2013

    Fuc**ng religious people with their fuc**ng way of life, I am all for sexy girls and banning champions is more stupid. I hope Iran will not ban porn, oh wait they already did. Sexual freedom is what the world needs more not less. Or I am an only one who likes women curves and womens beautiful bodies?!

    • altheist my ass on August 29, 2013

      Get your horny ass our of here , i visit iran and the seem realy happy about their lifr , more than you and women there are enjoying their rights , if iran didnt have islam as a religion it will bomb your ass off

      • AthesitFromFinland on August 29, 2013

        I live in best country in the world, where we do not see this religious bulshit. All religions are bad for humanity. We need freedom not restrictions.

        • altheist my ass on August 29, 2013

          i didn’t believe in god cuz my parents did people are not as stupid as you think , you now must be like “oh im so smart i only believe what i see” , i only started believing in god when i see a real fking devil being summoned in front of me . you need to take a closer look to your life my friend

          • AtheistFromFinland on August 29, 2013

            I live good happy life, and and my and my family do not believe in fairytales (religion). So maybe you need to start believing in yourself not in some fuc*ing old man in a sky.

          • altheist my ass on August 29, 2013

            lol you are hopeless , i feel bad for you, keep living your lie , I’m out :]

          • AtheistfromSwitzerland on August 29, 2013

            “i only started believing in god when i see a real fking devil being summoned in front of me” Holly crap i would kill for that drug that let me see such things. Can you tell me where you got this cool stuff from??? I wanna Trip like this too. And btw. when this would happen to me i would belive in this Devil cause i can see him.

  13. FacePalm on August 29, 2013

    Religion is bullshit, another proof on a silver plate

    • MuslimLover on August 29, 2013

      You are a heap of bullshit, another proof on a silver plate.

      • M-16 on August 29, 2013

        I feel sorry for you man.

  14. GamingMaster on August 29, 2013

    I’m by no means racist but… have you seen any islamic country except Turkey (which is more “european”) that has no war and is developed?

    e.g : women rights,education,medicine,science ….etc

    They should stop living in the passed…

    • MuslimLover on August 29, 2013

      War is regression?! The USA the most war-promoting country in this entire planet; and universe. Yet, it is filled with the kind of you: happy people. I wonder which country is dominating the world, probably a bad one because the situations around the world isn’t health…

  15. reavermyst on August 29, 2013

    Here’s a good question, why in the hell is a tournament being organized in Iran when there’s obviously going to be some kind of cultural backlash? Iran can’t FORCE Riot to do squat about this. They don’t have to host a tournament in Iran. “Oh you wanna ban champions over ideals that may not be shared by the participants? Okay, we’ll host our tournament elsewhere!”

  16. ExHuman on August 29, 2013

    The thing is – cultures of the World are really different. There`s nothing bad, if exposing of naked human body is banned from kids game. Hoverer enforcing religious practice on people by governmental institutions is the last thing you want to do. The whole idea or religion is crippled when someone turn it to state ideology.

  17. devilr on August 29, 2013

    Thats why i dont like muslims ,all time use cher religion to control and imposed stupid rules to the peapole who dont care about her religion,if they dont went to see girl character,the stop play lol and stop fed up other countries about her religion.not racist,just Boring and fed up about this religion.

  18. iFacepalmHard on August 29, 2013

    And this is why religions should be separated from government. Everything is f*cked up.

    • MuslimLover on August 29, 2013

      And this is why you should be separated from the comment field. Everything is screwed up!

  19. LOL! on August 29, 2013

    its funny how they pretend to be so religious and end up bombing half the world!!!

    • CS on August 29, 2013

      Yeah because the bombs that landed on libya that killed over 60 thousand people and displaced over 2 million were iranian, try harder.

    • MuslimLover on August 29, 2013

      It is funny how you end up bombing half the world with your stupidity!

  20. zakena on August 29, 2013

    im a Persian and i am so happy for the first time in my life i was born and brought up in India and im a Indian national …… the things these people do in the name of Muslims is idiotic .

    • MuslimLover on August 29, 2013

      I am sorry… It seems like you have been living a very rough life.

  21. Void on August 29, 2013

    This is so dumb, next I’ll probably hear lucian was banned for being black in some country.

  22. ermahgerdles on August 29, 2013

    hey im muslim and this is bs i mean all of those girl champs are prob the best but in our religion we cant see too much exposure but really its just a game

  23. Arieswar on August 28, 2013


  24. Rythme on August 28, 2013

    They’re stuck in the middle ages. Plus they cant seem to wrap around they’re minds that women are not possessions. Blame it on a religion but i think its just they’re men.

    • MuslimLover on August 29, 2013

      You are stuck in the stone age. Plus it seems like you can’t wrap it around your mind that you are a women’s possession whom they are, if you are lucky, like to brag about. Blame it on men, but I think it is your fault.

  25. LordHikaru on August 28, 2013

    The moment Islamic law gets involved there’s no fun to be had.

    • MuslimLover on August 29, 2013

      The moment you emerge from the grave is dead serious; there is no fun to be had.

      • LordHikaru on August 29, 2013

        Would that make me a zombie?

  26. Lorddreed on August 28, 2013

    I’m happy I’m atheist sometimes, I really am. This is absolutely idiotic to force even their own people to not be able to play a character in a video game.

    • MuslimLover on August 29, 2013

      Welcome to Australia! We ban not only a character, but an entire game; Saint Rows… I wonder which religion they adhere to, hmm.

  27. dakii on August 28, 2013

    this not about religions this is sick politician’s cheap mind control technics . if you can control tv,radio,newspaper and internet than you will get milllions of slaves its so simple. and of course you can use religions to do this no problem with that. what a world.

    • MuslimLover on August 29, 2013

      You sir doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of ‘mind control’, please ask Doctor Google. What you are speaking about is misinformation and abuse.

  28. Rukasu Ichizomi on August 28, 2013


  29. jesterhead85 on August 28, 2013

    it may be stupid. but maybe we should just be happy their minds are open enough to play LoL.. maybe they’ll realize how silly they are being soon, and lighten up.

    its pixels for crying out loud. if a religious person can play counter strike which depicts killing people… im sure they can play a very cartoonish MOBA with female characters…

    freedom of religion, sure. but have some common sense and maturity first.

    • MuslimLover on August 29, 2013

      It may be agonizingly stupid, but maybe I should wail due to your arrogance; people aren’t as open-minded as you, jester. No, they aren’t. Hopefully, soon enough you’ll realize how silly you are being and lighten up.

      I wish the entire world was as mature as everyone on this site, except the guy who wanted to separate government from religion; he is a genius! No one can be like him; except for Hitler, yeah, and also the Illuminati; Hmm, the guy who killed millions of Russian people: Stalin. And a fat Chinese who also enjoyed murdering his nation’s people.

      Seriously, they are only pixels; whom the government tried to ban, but got utterly destroyed (violence in video games).

  30. Koagz on August 28, 2013

    Grow up, Iran.

    • MuslimLover on August 29, 2013

      You seem to be mature enough to encourage other people to grow up. A piece of advice; grow up! I hope you won’t feel a ferociously agonizing heat of hatred in your heart by this simple statement. I mean, after all you didn’t mind saying it.

  31. keroro on August 28, 2013

    So basically they doing censor based on “Moslem” idea, LOL

    • MuslimLover on August 29, 2013

      Apparently, didn’t you read the article? Guh!

  32. dafuq on August 28, 2013

    Iran plays league of legends ? :O πŸ˜€

  33. midgit on August 28, 2013

    they ban oriana.ORIANA.ROBOT
    and not FIORA or SEJUANI
    SEJUANI IS RIDING A PIG with smal amount of clotes!
    im muslim but THIS is redicules

  34. Hmm on August 28, 2013

    Err Orianna has 2 n’s :3. UNLESS that was a quote then no mistake on your part πŸ˜€
    I spent a while hunting grammar mistakes >:C

  35. legit4life on August 28, 2013

    they know they gonna loose so they make it so all supports and anything else its baned

    • MuslimLover on August 29, 2013

      Very reasonable! You should be awarded a grand prize. What about the Noble Prize for your ingenious, extreme wisdom, and analytical ability; here have a cookie.

      I bet you studied at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

  36. ebonyc on August 28, 2013

    That’s just disrespectful for the game and all the gaming community. Ban Iran from further tournaments. I’m sorry for the sane people in their country that want to play, but this is outrageous and I don’t mean that in a Taric voice.

    • Taric on August 28, 2013

      It is truly, truly, truly…outrageous.

    • ermahgerdles on August 29, 2013

      hey it doesnt matter its there country they can do what they want to the game and ban stuff but in NA we still have freedom we shouldnt worry about iran much p.s im muslim

      • Typerz on August 29, 2013

        but the game is not owned by the country. they can only say that they want the game to be like this and hope that riot changes it. if riot then says ” okay lets take away things we created that is a big part of the game” is up to them.

        i personaly think that Riot should windraw the turnament and have it played somewhere else as it would give them respect among the players and make a statment that this is there creation and they want it too be what they

  37. Lolreligion on August 28, 2013

    Lol, incoming burka skins for all female champions!

    • MuslimLover on August 29, 2013

      You would hate that wouldn’t you; I mean it is after all only pixels. No? It is now freedom of expression. Of course it is, whatever which is against us is stupid, but for is: Freedum.

  38. Pete on August 28, 2013

    And then people ask me why I’m such a racist a-hole.It’s because of people like that.Muslims have been making asses of themselves for a long time now,but this…lets hope this is the last LoL tournament Iran hosts ever.

    • Anon Atheist on August 29, 2013

      It’s not “muslims” that are making asses of themselfs, it’s the religios top of a country that’s doing it. This was not voted through like in a democratic country but instead the higher ups chose whats best for the people.

      You’re acting like them in terms of thinking. You’re both back in the 1920’s with your mindset. The reason why there is conflict is because of people like you and people like them.

      Yes it’s disrespectful of the “international order” or whatever you would like to call it but just let them have their way in their teams and hopefully they will change this is time. It’s not like we’re losing anything on it, right?

    • MuslimLover on August 29, 2013

      So what, they are following an easier way in life, they don’t think about things and just pick an ideology, their religion. I’m sure you’re doing practically the same thing, you want to graduate, get a good job, have children, whatever your society thinks is right.
      Don’t be a dick because you have a different way to waste your worthless life.

      • Griffihn on August 29, 2013

        you waste your life when you don’t do anything aka becoming a hobo. also, imposing your religious beliefs over millions of players simply ’cause you begged to host the WCG (’cause that’s the only way they could’ve done it) is pretty idiotic, no matter what religion you choose to follow. they chose to host the WCG not the crusades ffs. they want to impose their religion? fine, they can do it in their own country and to their own people not in international competitions and to people that have next to no connection to the muslim teachings or the religion itself. i don’t know who being more of a dick here… you for defending a religion that makes christian fanatics look like righteous gods or the semitic a-holes blaming the religion instead of the idiots that use and abuse it.

      • GetALife on August 30, 2013

        Dude i have red almost all you comments and you are aggressive with all the pps here.
        i used to be a Muslim but not anymore.
        and if you are trying to defend Islam….you are doing a very bad Job.

  39. Satokh on August 28, 2013

    Well I have a nice solution to this problem: Ban Iran from WCG.

    • KainDarkfire on August 28, 2013

      They won’t get that far. There is no way they’ll get the play time and experience to be competitive- especially if they have no idea what the banned champions even do, and instead of requesting a version of the game that’s more culturally acceptable (Because it’s not ‘law’ enforced over ‘religious’ enforced), they just want to gut their chances of being on any scene? Well, Iran shouldn’t be looking at a 2013 anything if they’re still operating in the 90s.

      • LordHikaru on August 28, 2013

        I think their current operation goes back much further than the 90’s.

  40. Dylan on August 28, 2013

    But they didn’t ban annie πŸ˜‰

  41. Mixon on August 28, 2013

    *facepalm* muslims :/

  42. extasist on August 28, 2013

    because burning women’s face with acid is to main stream. they should put there’s religion bs somewhere else.

    • asd on August 29, 2013

      i was expecting you to say something like “well league is shitty game anyways, just ‘ban’ the game for good” since you are always posting shit and trolling, doesn’t matter what kind of a game it is

  43. Scykotic on August 28, 2013

    That’s fine for their own tournaments that this is enforced.

    However,if they choose to expand and fight players from other countries like NA,that’s not going to fly,can’t play when 3/4ths of the game is gone.

    • LordHikaru on August 28, 2013

      To be quite honest, even if I was on a team doing these tournaments, you wouldn’t catch me going to Iran or any of the other neighboring countries because I value my life. And I wouldn’t want to deal with any Iranian officials even on a bright shiny day. Its honestly not a place anyone should want to go to.

  44. Seth on August 28, 2013

    Like, I don’t want to be disrespectful, but I don’t think WCG should care if Iran wants those champs banned. Like… if they want to ban their own players from using them, cool. But if they insist that other people don’t play them? Come on, that’s just not going to happen.

    Also, first time I am the first poster, so mounted ^-^

    • Panik on August 28, 2013

      1min too slow lol

      • anonymous on August 28, 2013

        or ban Iran from WGC lol

  45. wootz91 on August 28, 2013

    Rofl…what a joke. Iran should “update” their religion.

    • MuslimLover on August 29, 2013

      You should update your life instead of Q_Q about a game.

      DotA 4 the win!!!

      • Reaper on August 29, 2013

        Dota 4 ain’t out yet bro…

        • Alexius on August 29, 2013

          he means dota for the win

        • GetALife on August 30, 2013

          Dude i have red almost all you comments and you are aggressive with all the pps here.
          i used to be a Muslim but not anymore.
          and if you are trying to defend Islam….you are doing a very bad Job.

      • norb on August 29, 2013

        Well you know if it was Dota 2, Iran would complain about Lina or Winrunner or Drow Ranger so it really isn’t a game related thing, it’s an extremist religion related thing…

    • Danny on August 29, 2013

      Their getting rid of sexualised hero’s, ex butt and boobs being bigger, you nob! Don’t make fun of Islam.

      • Switches on August 29, 2013

        Use proper grammar you fool. I find it hard to not make fun of Islam when the religion itself is somewhat flawed. From what I heard, their Qur’an only covers the Old Testament and not the New Testament. On a more important note, sexualized characters is a part of video-game culture. Considering how LoL is a fantasy based game, sexualized characters are completely normal. If it was a military game, it could be different depending on how “serious” the theme is. Your argument is invalid, kiddo.

        • Danny on August 30, 2013

          your a nob new testament is made up by paul who is someone who claimed to be one of the 12 disciples but was rejected by the jews ps 12 disciples need a last name and paul wanting revenge was killing the 12 disciples learn something nob

      • anony on August 29, 2013

        islam is like shit ok with no evolution past a thousand of year all the country want the evolution and the progress but in that region of the world without evolution, a monkey is more intelligent