What Scarlet Blade’s new trailer lacks in dialog it certainly makes up for in gymnastic female fits of twirling and tatas. Granted the trailer was doing a fairly decent job of showing me its apparently wide range of character classes with matching gameplay showcasing unique attributes of each. I found some of the class names pretty cliche like “The Whipper” whose matching catch phrase “This is Going to Sting” had me feeling like I should be watching the video in private browsing mode. Never mind the fact the character’s armor was literally two fabric strips with jester bells at the ends. The characters are apparently genetically engineered females and are of course the only ones capable of saving Earth from invasion.

Alpha testing for the mature MMORPG has just kicked off as well, with players able to sign up for closed beta here.

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  1. the creators of scarlet blade probably said were going to make a game and we dont care if its good well just put some hot girls in it and people will play it (btw one of my friends said scarlet blade the MMpOrn)

  2. ill never play this if only for the simple fact that it is aeria…after they banned my account for no reason and made me create a whole othe email just to get back in rather than unblocking my main email i just said fk it…they got enough money out of me…fkm

  3. I would play this alone, I would play it in public…but my pc can’t even get close to running it ๐Ÿ™
    It’s just a bunch of pixel boobs, get your heads out of your asses ffs!

  4. ..To anyone complaining about complainers, how is your point any more valid? You’re whining about whiners..it’s fairly sensible to say you’re no better than those who are complaining. However, the people complaining usually have valid points. This game does take sexualization too far, it appears to be mostly eye-candy with gameplay expected from an mmo realized in the year 2000 and, yes..it can offend people.

    The fact you all act as if you’re somehow above being offended really doesn’t say much for you; this idea of “just ignore it” is about as weak of an argument as you can get because, like it or not, this IS having an effect on how people continue to view women. Women are more than just sex icons and this game DOESN’T help that view. Simply ignoring it isn’t a solution.

    While america is known to be more prudish compared to the east there’s still no reason for sexualization to be taken this far in a game. Would you play this in public? Would you view porn in public? Most will say no and that is because it is viewed with disgust and disdain. It’s one thing to accept the idea that sex is everywhere. Yes, it is. But people don’t enjoy having it shoved in their face.

    Yes, if you’re not fond of the idea, you don’t need to play. But that doesn’t change the fact that it exists and, while I risk using a blanket statement, there is a factual base in saying that a large portion of the people who are going to play this are in it FOR the sexual tendencies this game has. Perhaps it may have other qualities but to market a game based solely on this point really says a lot about the developers and the host. We have different sensibilities over here and it’s safe to say that most people don’t want this kind of thing.

    Furthermore, will you ever feel truly comfortable playing this with anyone else in the room? Being comfortable with your sexuality is one thing but if you want porn, go watch porn. Hell, if you want a porn game go get a hentai game. It’s rather redundant and though it tries to be funny, ignorance isn’t funny. Ignorance of our sensibilities as a society isn’t funny.

  5. To any one complaining about the game, no-ones forcing you to play it, so why complain about it?
    Just ignore it and go back to playing what ever game you were before.

  6. why is it that most asian made games look the same? Oh yeah, because Asian developers don’t learn from each other’s mistakes and continue to make more anime shit.

  7. To all the people who are bitching about the…showings in this game, you really need to find another game to complain about. Although the NA version was re-named this was originally called “Queens blade online.”

    Due to what it’s based off, of course this is how the game is going to turn out.

  8. “Sir, today’s gamers seem to be mostly interested in graphics, female models and skimpy armors!”
    “Very well, let us make a game where no one’s allowed to play a male, with plenty of curvy females to pick (and flat ones, because some folks swing that way) and all the skimpy outfits and underwear we can get away with”
    “Bloody brilliant sir!”

  9. God dammit!Iam staying faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from this game.
    Seriously?Marketing boobs is your best way to lure players?SERIOUSLY?
    Why no one makes a “true mature” game?Why people think that mature means huge boobs, less cloth and guts everywhere??This is not mature!This is for kids that think they are adults!
    Mature is knowing the place of these things, understanding then, and not being obsessed by then!

    Man, i’m starting to think that our industry is too imature, but trying to be mature, like a teenager…

    • Or you’re just trying to act more mature than everyone else. You’d probably be more mature if you could play this game and actually be mature about it then trying to be mature and go on a rant about how immature something is.

      At the end of the day. Breasts are everywhere. You might not always see the skin, but you’ll always know they’re there.

      • Iam not trying to be more mature than anyone else, iam just saying, they’re marketing this game as a “mature mmorpg”, but seriously, can you imagine a mature person playing this game?And do you think that the overall style of the game is mature?Almost naked women fighting mechs?

        And yeah, breasts are everywhere, but the way they’re doing in this game is just…god, i have no words for that, is an abuse for the female public, and, games like this is what turns many women out of the gaming world, but now maayyyybe we can bring then on board, with the casual games explosion, but what a women would think of games like these?These games treat women only as a sex icon! Where the hell our industry is heading on?You see my point? These games are a cancer on our industry, is what keeps us from having some respect.

        Seriously guys, lets respect the female public.

        • As someone whose wife does freelance journal work in the game industry from time to time, I can say both my wife and I whole heartily agree with your opinion.

          I would say Age of Conan is a good mature MMO that includes both the male and female gender.

        • I don’t have to imagine anything because I’ve been playing it. And I can still play it and be respectful of the female public at large. There are also plenty of female players on the game as well so there isn’t a total disengagement of the female community on this game. Most of them just see it for what it is, a game.

          But honestly if you really find this all that offensive about the way females are portrayed and viewed, then you should go attack the porn and adult industries because lets be honest, its far worse over there.

          • Just because some females don’t take offense to it doesn’t mean others can’t especially when its geared towards one specific gender.

          • Exactly.
            Reacting like that for a game… is taking moskito flying near you as the death letter…

            The game is intended this way for multiple reason
            Because it’s Korean and korean like this type of game, but this kind of game is often badly taken by the western country as it’s not our habit to have game that draw this kind of picture of the women.

            They play with it on different level, but most player will take it to the first as OMG wtf is this attempt of heavily ero-mmorpg.
            When it’s actually some sort of humour that take some sit back to understand (if you get in the game and read the faction quick story seriously i was laughing so hard xD it’s sooooo f** up lol)

            Im in the game and i played it like for a few hours before i stop for the reason of bad/rigid/borring gameplay as they pushed i think too forward on the ‘lets make the avatar look sexy’ . I wasn’t this much bothered by the avatar looking like she’s trying to sell her pixels for attention
            For Westerns gamers you can’t really take this game serious as even the logging out is so… wrong and funny in same time
            “Are leaving me there? really?” think the korean player like to date their avatar *shrug*

            And yes it is a mature mmorpg, not like the way you inted ‘urr durr mature = sirius businiss’ but as mature for adult due to the heavy erotic power of dem pixelz

            But yeah anyway im pretty sure this game wasn’t intended to be made for Westerns but when aerie games saw it the high level of boobs factor they though it would be a good game…

          • And that’s to say if they put barely clothed males in the game that male players wouldn’t get offended by it? Lets be honest here, only reason its all that big a deal is because its just females. If the game was all males then there’d either be no issue or someone would start throwing around the gay card.

            So if they just added male playable characters it would be okay right? right? It still wouldn’t change the fact the female characters are still barely dressed.

          • People still dont get my point -_-
            What iam trying to say is that they market the game as mature, but that is not really mature!Do you think a mature person would like to see over sexualized women?
            Also, this make our industry looks imature, and, if more developers start thinking that this type of “sexualized women” is a money factory, where will be our “true female” caracters like Jade or even Faith?

            And iam not “reacting like that for a game”, iam worried about this whole trend of “sexy women=more money”.
            And no, making males playable will not solve this, i stoped playing a whole lot of mmorpgs because of the way they market the women figure.Its offensive, and really, REALLY pushing our gamer figure to that old stereotype.

            And please, dont come with porn, video games are a different beast.Also, porn is a industry based around sex, and sex is a part of our normal lives.

          • Man, listen.
            What i’m trying to say here is that this “over sexualized women in games is mature” trend must end, it ruins our community figure and disgust many of us, myself included, if you’re ok with it, good for you, because i’m not.
            You say that the female body is also something of our normal lives.Yes, it is, but at least the women that we see have some dignity.But, the main focus here is the game right?What would you think about saying to your girlfriend that you play this game, what she would think of you?What the society will think of games when we market it like this?Why we can’t make a game with a “true mature” theme?Like what role sex have in our lives, how we respond social pressure.Hope we are finished now, if you like this game or trend, good, but think about it, would you like if games become interactive porn, instead of a new form of art?

          • I would have to have a girlfriend in order to find that out, unfortunately my last relationship ended a little while ago. I personally don’t really care what other people think of me and especially the games I play. What I do care about though is when people try to form some kind of barrier to alienate people by saying things like “what mature person would play this” saying that anyone who would play it isn’t any form of mature, granted there are gonna be the immature people but to throw everyone into that pile really bothers me. So if you really expect me to swallow spoiled milk your mistaken.

          • >_> Oh I should also add… there are already interactive sex games out there.. You’ll just never know about them unless you specifically go looking. Only one that really got any public eye was 3 Feel, which funny enough was done in Korea. There’s also Second Life, widely popular… you can also have sex on there as well.. So you can stop pretending gaming isn’t there yet because it already is.

  10. hmmm….females battling vs mechs why not seems fun to me exlcluding the part where u got no cloths ofc but as 1 of the guys above said who needs cloths its 2013

  11. Ok so im in the alpha and…. the games need an age rating…
    To put it simple
    Female character ONLY with generous curves or lolicon
    You can choose their underwear type (*facedesk*) from basic bikini to gstring, borrat string etc
    (Yes.. the nipples are shown on lots)

    The gameplay is like old school and quite rigid (and borring)
    It’s like traditionnal f2p mmo, can run around, need to stay fix etc

      • Can’t give such thing such thing, they do not give access. or at least not for now as there’s no key.
        For alpha (dont know if they changed how it’s handled) you are either chosen, you ask for it or you get lucky and are pre-registered in a database for every of their alpha

  12. Too bad, I think the visual design of the enemies and various mechs is actually quite good but the silly character design spoils the game’s potential. It’s impossible to take it seriously like this.

    • Why does it have to be taken seriously? Aren’t games supposed to be fun? Big sweeping epic dramas are great, but there’s nothing wrong with playing a fun game just for kicks. Dismissing anything that’s not “serious” enough before even giving it a try is silly.

      • I have no problems with games being colorful, flashy and lighthearted. I played my fair share of those as well. What I meant was that I would not invest time playing a game in which the characters seem to have been designed primarily to appeal to people’s sexual fetishes. I know it’s a trend in fantasy games right now, similar things could be said about Tera for example, but I feel this game takes it to an extreme.

  13. its crap like this that brings me closest to being ashamed to call myself a gamer, its getting to the point that when society looks at hardcore gamers all they see are a bunch of perverts getting it off to pixels. and frankly, that notion becomes more and more accurate as time goes on in my eyes…it makes me sick.

      • i kinda agree with vic, my friend saw me playing apb:r and saw a person that made there female character look like she was naked and i kinda felt embarrassed that i had to shoot this person down and she was looking on, but i also agree with you nekodeus this game doesnt even look like its suppost to be serious but it all come down to responsibility

        • Better than them seeing all the racist character and vehicle designs in APB that some kids playing in their parents’ basement thought were funny.

    • Would account for more games out there today. The 14 year old thing that is. As much as I miss my year of being 14, that’s long since passed. lol.

  14. well we are going to war against mechas , why would we need clothes when we have big boobs and amazing legs …………… riggggggggggggggggggggth


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