RaceRoom Racing Experience Roars into Open Beta

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor Posted:

Free-to-Play sports games have been on the decline recently. The most popular sports and racing related F2P titles are those from the last 3+ years, with barely any making a discernible splash in 2012. SimBin Studios aims to set the pace for sports games of 2013 with the release of their realistic racing simulator RaceRoom Racing Experience. Besides having one of the most non-inspiring names for a racing simulator (couldn't they have taken a note from Gran Turismo or Dirt), the game aims to offer players a very realistic racing experience with realistic car physics and impressive car visuals.

The open beta for the game is now live with plans to release the full game and its cash shop next week. I dropped into the beta this morning and curiously it doesn't seem to offer any multiplayer modes, at least yet. The option is grayed out with only a time attack global leaderboard challenge mode currently available. A total of five free cars and two tracks in six layouts will be available to players upon release with more available to buy from the store. Unfortunately the developers seem to be content charging real money for everything from new tracks and cars to even new game modes.

Prices are in Euros with individual car model prices range from 199 vRP to 329 vRP which is approximately 2 - 3,5 EUR. Tracks will generally be running from 349 vRP to 549 vRP or about 3,5 - 5,5 EUR. Tracks and cars will also be available from time to time in bundles. New game modes such as the Get Real package and Apex Hunt will be available for 99 vRP equaling 1 EUR.

No news yet on whether the game will also offer a free currency by which players can unlock the extra content as well. You can participate in the open beta by downloading the game through Steam here.

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Discussion (24)

Cyberpunk 11 years ago
Dont like track racing games,think they are really boaring but i do love open world/street racing games

baido 11 years ago
this game is not multiplayer :(

ZhaoYun 11 years ago
well if this is what i think it is(f2p game which requires u as spunk said to pay for extra content they release in the game)then i doubt i will play it i am not a fan of racing but i don't mind playin racing games i was gonna watch the video but after reading comments/article i ain't gonna do that thumbs down from me for this game

reavermyst 11 years ago
Wait, no. This is NOT an Open beta. Who ever posted this is mislead by a long shot. I checked with Steam and there's absolutely NO indication of this being in OPEN beta. I did download it and it does give me options to try the game out, BUT I have to submit an application for the CLOSED beta.

I have a feeling this is going to be more like a buy to play with a teaser demo that was uploaded to the "Free to play" section on Steam. Very misleading.

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reavermyst 11 years ago
Jeeze, I sure do hope they don't do the "Buy-4-Fun" model at full release and allow for a decent share of free content. That model only works for games with cash economies. I do not see a cash economy popping up in this game at all. If you're gonna go free-to-play, give us a cash shop with free content. I'll take a look at it, but if nothing changes, I probably will bury it in the pile of forgotten games.

Germaximus 11 years ago
eh? This has been free to play on Steam for quite awhile now. =p

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kelphead 11 years ago
This is a multiplayer game with singleplayer modes. This is also a sim not an arcade racer..

Yoshifan 11 years ago
oh come on, one more of those so called "realistic" raceing games (Grand Tursimo clone) ?!? what happend to fun racers like Kart Raider? God damn it!!!

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falcon 11 years ago
can this game be available in ps3 ? :D

nekodeus 11 years ago
It looks pretty damn good, but I can't see it lasting... at all.

Aladeen 11 years ago
Where is all the mmo news o.O

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Takerukun3 11 years ago
Gameglobe didn't have a real multiplayer only the sharing of levels and they still covered it. now since its released i wonder if there is a real multiplayer? my idea would be like invite friends and vote a level to play.

Playeronesvk 11 years ago
why it is there when it is non multiplayer game = no future

youtro 11 years ago
Why is there an offline game on mmobomb?; **MMO**

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ThatGuy 11 years ago

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