It Looks Like Runescape's JAGEX Is About To Have A New Owner...Again

Rumor has it the current owner is in negotiations to sell the Runescape developer for a little over $1B.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Jagex Pending Sale

Several months after the first rumors of current Jagex owner Carlyle Group looking to sell the Runescape developer came out, Sky News is now reporting that the company is in “exclusive negotiations” with private equity firm CVC Capital Partners. According to the report, CVC invests in international sports and entertainment.

The report also states that CVC beat out other firms bidding for the MMORPG's developer and should be signing an agreement to “buy a controlling stake in the company within days.” Interestingly, it seems that CVC beat these other firms due to the fact that most did not value the company at the $1B+ price.

As Sky News put it, “A number of private equity firms were said to have expressed uncertainty about the company’s business plan and development pipeline”, so this reportedly pending purchase might be a bit of a surprise.

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Flintstone 2 weeks ago
1,000 million. 100 worth 1000, 1000, worth 10,000, etc.
Our monetary system works like this.....
You can not gain without someone or in today's cases many of us, losing all the time.
The gainers are not winners they are just takers of volume.
Gaming kind of pushed this out to the extreme, kind of bad thing that gaming has done or pushed forward. Its not stopping, as they think they are doing ok. lol
its joke. surely it has to be..

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