World of Warships‘ April update, 0.10.3, adds Italian battleships for everyone to research, following their early access testing period. The line starts at Tier IV with the Dante Aleghieri — which you’d think would be good at setting fires — and continues all the way up to Tier X Cristoforo Colombo. The battleship line comes with smoke generators, usually reserved for destroyers, so that’s at least a little hellish.

Also arriving in the update are a new set of German destroyers in early access form. The three new ships have better guns, albeit with a longer reload time, and thicker armor and more HP than other destroyers. You can get access to them by completing special weekly missions.

There’s a new set of dockyard missions, this time focusing on the Hamburg Dockyard and the Tier IX German destroyer ZF-6. There are 22 phases to completion, and you’ve got until the end of Update 0.10.5 to complete them.

Update 0.10.3 features a number of other changes to game balance, modules, and more. Get all the details in the post on the World of Warships site.

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