Jagex had a lot to boast about at this year’s RuneFest, which took place in London over the weekend. First and foremost was RuneScape‘s mobile plans. Old School RuneScape will launch on mobile devices later this year, with “regular” RuneScape following in 2018.

There’s a whole lot more still slated in the final three months of 2017, including a new Master tier of clue scrolls, which will include unique rewards like Second Age outfits “quite heavily influenced by Saradomin” and an adventurer-themed outfit that “will help you solve the puzzles they contain.” Reward footprints are still on the table too, after bring promised last year, but they’re going to take some extra time. And for the inventory-obsessed among us, Jagex is “changing the limitations to how many scrolls and caskets you can hold at any one time.” Whoop whoop!

Off-hand weaponry will get a boost with some colorful, relics. Each of them has a theme and distinct set of powers and can be augmented with the Invention skill to add skill perks. Hardcore “skillers” should also rejoice at the addition of skilling off-hands to older pieces of equipment and combat skilling pets.

In terms of content, there’s a pirate quest, as well as something called “Evil Dave,” in the works. For more peaceful players, Deep Sea Fishing is coming to the game; for the less peaceful, there’s the Lost Grove, a new zone with a boss about which Jagex ominously warns:

I know we always say it will be tough, but we’re aiming to kill thousands of you. You will die. Lots. This battle will be insane, requiring the best team work and coordination since Raids, requiring a completely different approach to boss fighting.

There’s a ton more coming to the game, including a new cooperative game mode and group ironman content. To read up on all the upcoming goodies, check out the full writeup on the RuneScape site.

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