Albion Online‘s Rise of Avalon expansion is now live, and its big new feature is the mystical Roads of Avalon, a network of nebulous paths that are accessed via gateways that spawn in the world. The Roads can be used for basic travel, or you can explore the realms within, the Wilderness of Avalon, to discover even more loot or find refuge for your smaller guild by making a Hideout.

The update also adds Corrupted Dungeons, a new type of solo PvE experience in a fiery realm that turns into PvP when you “invade” another player’s dungeon — or they do it to you. As a reward for their efforts, players can earn 15 Avalonian weapons and three offhand items, each with their own unique skills.

Rise of Avalon comes with a variety of other quality-of-life advances, an overhaul of Destiny Board PvE progression, and more. Learn more about the expansion on the Albion Online site.

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