Things have not been great in the Klingon Empire for a while now, but they’re about to get better. Today, the finale to the long-running Star Trek Online storyline House United released on PC, adding two new episodes in which players fight alongside J’Ula and L’Rell, gathering support and doing everything they can to bring the war to an end. The first episode, “Warriors of the Empire” sees players bringing the right people together for the finale in the next episode “A Day Long Remembered”.

In addition to the two new episodes, the update also adds the “Only Qo’noS Endures” event which rewards players with an exclusive ground set inspired by Aakar, as well as the new “Remain Klingon” 5-Captain spate TFO. This TFO is part of the Klingon storyline finale as the last battle occurs over Qo’noS. Finally, there are three new patrols based on the episode “Warriors of the Empire”.

The update is available on PC today. STO players will definitely want to log in today as well, as those who do will receive a free Experimental Ship Upgrade. As for console players, you’ll be able to access the update on August 3rd.

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