Joymax announced their newest MMORPG title, Knight Age. Knight Age, launching globally, will open its very first English closed beta testing to all players between July 10th and July 17th.

Knight Age, a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG, will take players through a vast world of knights battling against a malicious God. Featuring a unique riding-action where knights can perform elaborate attack skills on mobile mounts. Knight Age provides a one-of-a-kind combat system that are carried on mounts with each ride providing different types of power-ups!

Another impressive feature of Knight Age is the pet system known as ‘Pupa’. Players are able to journey with a variety of pets that will fight alongside the Knight. With over 20 different ‘Pupa’s to collect, players can raise them and also combine their features to create a whole new and more powerful pet. It is up to the player to create the ultimate ‘Pupa’!

The game is set to feature a colossal PVP system where PVP battles can range from up to 50 vs. 50 and even 1 vs. 100 for the ultimate battle for Excalibur! Knight Age will also feature Guild Siege Battles where players will fight against other guilds, to siege or defend, over the castle and become the castle ruler! Ruling the castle comes with great benefits such as an exclusive chance to acquire high-end rare items and automatically earn in-game money.

Players can register through the Joymax Portal site at for their first chance to play Knight Age!


    • Because recently joymax screwed alot of players from silkroad, aparently somehow in one of their maintenance, someone “hacked” or items disappeared from half server. They didn’t give any official annoucement about the problem, just things like “we’re sorry for incovenient bla bla”.
      4 days ago when I started using their website alot I noticed the first 2 days it was really, really slow to load everything, sometimes I was getting error, having to f5 things to death to load. Sunday it was on maintenance, and today everysingle site of them crashed already. Aparently most of them is back, knightage isn’t back yet, perhaps theyre changing the site since the cbt start today, but I srsly doubt it!

  1. stfu if u dont know anything about it. the website was on today and yesterday, but because they must bmake some preparations to start the CBT, the website must be offline, the CBT starts in next 24hours because its 0:00 at their time, u havent missed anything

    • LOL mr sucking balls of joymax, as the dude under you said, it isn’t working. it wasn’t work on sunday because of maintenance, today they had all their websites from every single game crashing. There’s a post explaining it, so before you suck their balls HARD, atleast know the balls from who you’re sucking.

      And if you mr sucker didn’t know, in one of their maintenance, around 200+ players lost their characters items, everyone saying they got “hacked”, but no one really knows what hapenned, and joymax didn’t give a single answer to any player. (and in other maintenance they acidently changed somenthing in the servers, where alot of people from alot of countrys was getting messages such “Your country is ip banned”, pretty such fail enterprise it seems)

      You can though read the post the players made about it, perhaps you’ll see that balls clearly :

      I’m worried for knightage, because I really liked it. plus its 10th already, we havent got any announcement saying exactly, wich hour the closed beta will begin.

  2. yesterday website was off entire day.. today it looks just like yesterday, takes me 30 minutes to 2 hours to get to load their main webpage, and once I do it none link on it load. ¬¬
    and the fun part is, alot of players have this issue, they can’t contact joymax because they can’t acess the website LOL very gj there

  3. wtf, joymax website have been off for 2 days already. (yesterday was mainentence so OK, but TODAY!? WTF!!!!!!!)

    was just reading a few things about joymax on google, they’ve got hacked before and alot of players from silkroad lost their stuffs, alot of people quit. aswell somehow people that bought cash suddently couldnt log in the website anymore….. starting to dislike they’re gonna run such a good game if they suck that bad lol

  4. I’ve just tested it in the taiwan version, and I can tell you, the game is very good.

    to begin with you can cast any spell/attack being on your mount! wich means you can heal, shoot arrows, meteors everything!
    other interesting thing that I noticed so far, the dungeons are very well polished, first dungeon you have to walk throught rocks droppping and you have to go to certain spots or you die. The boss has 22k hp (when you have only 500-700), once he gets to 3k hp he start spawning orbs everywhere, and if he run into those orbs he start healing, I couldnt solo the dg once he got to 3k hp and started walking into orbs he got back to 22k. You have to kill the orbs before he walk into them but hteres alot soooooooooooooo.

    excited with the game, cant wait! two more days!

  5. i hope they make a first person mmorpg…these anime style graphics and same classes get boring…
    i want something new!

    • FireFall. Cartoonie, Yet in a category of it’s own.

      If you have a decent pc, This is the one to wait for.

  6. I actually really like anime style graphics. Most of the time I play games like that to take a break from all the serious games out there. Most of the time when I finish playing BR or APB I play Eden Eternal after. It just makes me feel so relaxed and happy. 😀

  7. Even though i don’t agree with the graphics argument, the anime mmo scene has become incredibly crowded, all of these new games are pretty much the same. I won’t even try this game.

    I want to see another game like Fantasy Earth Zero. Best mmo of all time in my opinion.

  8. There goes the jerks with the same “another anime mmo” argument. Sigh… It’s so sad how these days most players only cares about graphics. When shit with nothing but graphics comes outs, like Tera and B&S, everyone starts sucking the balls of the developers, and games whose focus are actually on gameplay and content are completely ignored. (Not that i’m saying it’s the case with this game)

    • Im not a complete graphics whore.
      But cmon.. anime…. AGAIN!

      not bashing potential gameplay. im bashing the complete lack of originality….
      they do it because they know the anime fan boys (not saying you are) will eat it up.

      • Its business, they go for the most players who are interested and make it popular even if they are anime fan boys or girls(yes there are anime fan girls silly). These devs just don’t care about any other type of players so they are not aiming to get you.

  9. gahhhh another low graphics anime game….

    we can’t have a serious game anymore can we?
    Why don’t these guys market to Wii or something….

    • Dude, you seem to focus all MMORPG on anime-style. There’s Path Of Exile, Aion and tons of other MMO that’s serious.

  10. Oh great, another gimicky anime mmo with one or two “unique features” that are really just stat mods. F*** you.

  11. actually mmorpgs with anime style are very cool and good, why theyve been sucking so bad lately? enterprises just want to ctrl+c, ctrl+v all the games they make and spamm them everywhere with different names, to steal as much possible money from the kids. anyone that have played decent mmo/mmorpgs before ANIME style or NOT, know you cant stand those games for 3 days, they’re so stupid and pointless, im really disapointed, ive been waiting so long for a decent anime style game such as how great ragnarok was. but aparently theyre making stupid games with stupid systems, just to aim kids and greedy money, they arent worried about actually making a great game. Take ragnarok for exampe 10 years old and in my country on originals server, after 10 years, ragnarok still have 3.000 people on daily.
    I tried divina a few weeks ago, just tried soul captor (f*** same dang literally, and both suck so bad)
    Wait that knight age is the decent game ive been waiting for, so I can actually fix on a game just like I did with ragnarok years ago.

    • a example I always like to share

      Ragnarok was never money greedy was also in begenning P2P, you could get any gear from 1-10 LUCK BASED. You could add stats, many many possibilities that could make your char unic, many cards and acessorys to make yoru char unic. You could make 3-4 man party, mob 30-50 monsters and still getting a f**** amazing exp per hour! MVP drops then, just amazing huh

      Divina F2P, you can get item safely until +4 after that you have to pay to get item to +10-12 ( and the chance increasement paying isnt even that big! so thats a dangload of money you’ll spend)
      People only kill one by one monster, they never party because its not worth it. Dungeons give crap drops for a long long time run, and theres no such thing as MPV drops there. And if people actually decide to mob grind max they can mob is 5 monsters, and them again the exp is not worth it.
      The stats add so very small bonuses, str/int are 100% useless attributes. All game run either con or crit, theres no UNIC build, no UNIC character. All same crap, and soul captor has a very similar system, they both look very alike. map graphics quests

  12. Omg again , again and AGAIN Bad graphic + anime style game … STOP make shity game we already tired … all time same … Give Me RAIDERZ already , give me some NICE MMORPG … I just wanna play MMO’s like old time … 16 hours – Class Priest – Group – Dungeons – Nice Grind (coz its really funny) – Quest’s – Shout in TS ” omg you Noob Tank dead coz you are nooby healer” “wth DPS dead and What ? i dont care i am healer and i should Heal only Tank” and ect i so miss games like this … I just wanna SIT My butt on the chair and Play MMO !!

    • Dude dont go ripping on a game before you ever see gameplay. This is one thing that really pisses me off is when teenagers still going through puberty judge a game before its even out just because they feel like it. Its completly unfair to the company and the game and then players are getting the idea to not play because you deem it not fun. Seriously grow up. I think it will be interesting to try. And if your looking for a game like that go play World or Warcraft.

        • At OP, not “we” it should be “me”, because, I, want MORE of this type of games, you are only speaking for yourself. So get it right if you plan to talk crap for others.

    • demirian, you’re probably talking about games like Pandora Saga rite? Then go play that, majority of people would still like to play these type of games especially kids and people like me so I don’t mind them to keep making them. I’m really sick of people commenting on games they don’t like and people who do like hardly comments much because they went straight for the registration page.
      Not every game developer would make games just for you, you sick bastard. Your comment just decreases the number of players who are interested. Just wait for a game you’d like and leave games like these alone.

  13. Cute, but I am really tired of anime-cartoonish-childish MMORPGs. Why no one makes a serious, mature MMORPG.(And by mature I don`t mean with mature content like oversized boobs and armour that covers everything but the intimate zones).


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