Call Of Duty Online Free To Play Is Coming! (Sort Of)

MMOBomb Staff
By MMOBomb Staff, July 3, 2012

Activision Blizzard and Tencent Holdings Limited announced a strategic relationship to bring Call of Duty Online... to Chinese game players. The game will be free-to-play and monetized through the sales of in-game items.

Call of Duty Online has been in development by Activision Publishing for approximately two years. Under the multi-year agreement with Activision Publishing, Tencent has the exclusive license to operate Call of Duty Online in mainland China.

The new game Call of Duty Online will allow players the ability to personalize their weapons, characters and equipment like never before in a Call of Duty game. Using an in-game store, players can enhance their weapons, gear, and perks. The new game will also bring a variety of game modes and maps and features an original story told through a series of Special Operations missions based on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare universe.

No word yet if Call of Duty Online is going to be released in US or Europe.

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Nun ya damn business 7 years ago
Okay Activision I'm going to tell you this are you Fucking retarted or somthing why did you only make this avalable in fucking china why didn't you just make it avalable every where and the places that needs it the most is the US why the hell is every other COD game avalable in every county pretty much except for lilttle places I can't belive this you also gave it to them for fucking free like OMG and the US is the gaming capital of the world even canada or the UK plays more games than China I would prefer it more to be in Canada rather than china I don't hate china okay I'm just pissed you didn't make it avalable for every county okay and (who ever agrees like this post) thank you very much Activision go suck a dick for once!

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Dillbert222 8 years ago
what about canada? 8 years ago
stupid game i hate it

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dennis 9 years ago
hope that the shit franchise will die soon enough of the same crap.

Looking forward to ghost recon online and planetside2

Dominik 9 years ago
Where to download?
pls help

70calories 9 years ago
bleh all I gotta say about that

HurDerp 9 years ago
Call Of Duty... -.- waaaaaaaayyyy overrated game. Durrrr I play call of duty so I'm awesome...

.... 9 years ago
You guys realize they are making it only for China since CONSOLES are BANNED in China. So calm down!

SamKipp 9 years ago
Truly amazing. This will make more money than the Xbox360 version because thet costs membership For online game play

Teoko 9 years ago
bad move...realese it to eu too... :/

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mike 9 years ago
yey china-only, haters gonna hate

3abdo911 9 years ago
k to Bring out One of the Top 10 FPS Game on the world to the Online Game thats DAM COOL and i hope it be just like the others :D

blackjoker86 9 years ago
ok cod has become boring to me but now its coming f2p i wonder are the gonna make it pay to win hmmmmm +D

Payback 9 years ago
High possibility of the game being pay2win due to it being developed by a Chinese game company (Did I say developed? I meant copy pasted.)

brandnewdaddy 9 years ago
WHY WHY WHY!!! because EA made a free version of Battle Field so Activision has to do the same as well. Stop whining, everyone has seen how big EA failed with the f2p version of BF so this most likely will not be a big hit either.
Basic timeline of this game(like any other f2p fps)
Hype>CB>CB2>OB>game stays in OB for 2 years>initial hype is gone after 6 months>Final Release>almost 80% of gaming population in game moves on to the next big fps.
So basically all in all, this game will be flushed in about 3 years, I for one wont be sapped into thinking this game is cool, sorry I hate COD games always have always will.

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Kocain 9 years ago
can't wait to play it
i wonder between CODO and artic combat which one will be better

surice17 9 years ago
hell yeah bring it on

Steward69 9 years ago
Damn! This game actually looks pretty good. Shame it's not coming to the US anytime soon. Those Chinese BASTARDS!!!!! My favorite free to play is BFP4F with AVA coming in second. I have just about every free FPS but these 2 are my fav. I am Creeper69,Tomco69,HAWH69 and DRAGOON69 on BFP4F. Look me up. See you on the battlefield solders!!!!!!!!!!!

Durian 9 years ago
I hate this to say this, but Battlefield Play4free is even better than this crap....

Zonitron 9 years ago
You will probably be able to buy nukes for real money so you can just spam them all round if you pay enough.

triggerhappy 9 years ago
trust it's not going to come out in the u.s or Europe, if it does activision will lose so much money on the newer cod series, u.s and euro stands the most on activision money making franchise

Armored 9 years ago
Another Pay2Win bullshit game. Activision can suck my nuts

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KingDwarfus 9 years ago
wo looks really good when does it come out in europe

zoren580 9 years ago
ok activision is ripping america if china can play this f2p

ibrahimjsf 9 years ago
yes gooood game

billybob5859 9 years ago
woah cod4 fp2? nice but plz remove the hackers.

Akshansh 9 years ago
Hope it comes to India it is close to china

dfgdfgdfdf 9 years ago
china gets evrything......europe feels left out

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lilfighter 9 years ago
Why the f** bother with this when we have Heroes and Generals as a very good upcoming totally fair and free2play MMOFPS-RTS that has graphics nicier than alot of pay2play games?

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hu;i 9 years ago
im very intrested i hope this game will rock because it looks good

lilfighter 9 years ago
God damn...F*** this shit, I am a huge fan of free2play but this is only going to make me shit rainbow flavoured shit in the middle of their Duty franchise.

IHateMMOs 9 years ago
Well all its hate aside, I think it might work if they play their cards right. COD4 was great, so we already know they can make a decent multiplayer, and I liked some Black Ops, but if its made by some random asian company, it's probably going to be just as terrible as Combat Arms, Counter Strike, Sudden attack, arctic combat, point blank, and all in between. Give it to great devs like Zombie Studios, or just make it yourself, but no Chinese devs please, no offense to China. And why is this and WarFace in Asia and not NA. Warface is developed by CryTek for Christ Sake!

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DutchCrafter 9 years ago
Why always Chine?! Why not Europe?

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Tomo 9 years ago
lets hope they did it this time better than other one...MW3 was just a copy of MW2 what is next part of MW1...lets BIGLY hope that they did it better this time

Daniel 9 years ago
Looks like Call of Duty 4.... which was awesome. And I didn't really like Arctic Combat, so if this comes out in U.S, that would be great!

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akakazucat 9 years ago
Hope that stays in China, I don't want that worthless franchise to ruin PC gaming too.

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