Joymax’s popular mount based MMORPG Knight Age begins its open beta phase today. As we reported on earlier in the month, the open beta will contain a variety of new content that was not available during the closed beta, including 50 versus 50 guild PvP battles and an update to the Pupa system.

During the open beta there will be no character wipes allowing players to continue leveling up their characters once the game moves directly into commercial launch.

Our own Magicman took a first look at Knight Age during the closed beta. Check out the his video above! You can also check out the official Knight Age site here for more information.

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  1. The walk of shame can be overlooked as you actually gain something from enduring it, what can’t be overlooked is the blatantly poor production quality of every other aspect of the game. I would normally look at the qualities which redeem a game but in this case it is ever so obvious that they sacrificed the potential of creating a unique experience to offer it in mass to tablet users rather than offering a higher quality client for the pc. From stiff animation to poor textures this game needs a lot of work to compete in the modern pc market.

  2. One of Grimdawn’s devs wrote a very good article explaining profit vs. loss (things that add to enjoyment vs. things that take away from) as a game design concept. Pretty much, you need to create challenges to be overcome, granting benefits to overcome further challenges (profit). However, even if you are “improving” by participating, the repetitive nature of those challenges will eventually become a loss. Repetition (which becomes unavoidable at some point) detracts from immersion and enjoyment of the game. Pretty much, every game eventually turns into a loss and you move on to another, more profitable game (unless you’re that one guy who played that single Civ III game for 10 years).

    So why am I writing this? I had to pause at the bit where magicman is carrying that egg back to town.. what is the purpose of this? Game developers: Your job is to create an environment that players can escape to and enjoy themselves. You (Joymax) failed to accomplish that. The “walk of shame” turned me off from even wanting to try the game out.. if you have to be such a masochist just to get a pet, what other hoops of shamefully dull pain do you have to jump through to make progress throughout the game?

  3. I played the game for about 10 hours and I must admit, at first it was okay, but as you leveled up a few times the game totally turned into a grind. The classes are gender locked and have very little customization. The game does offer multi-class if you wish to expand, but I think its very limited. I liked the Pupa and Mount system, but after a while I noticed that a lot of the less common eggs were really hard to find, even after searching for 30 mins, I couldn’t find one. The long walk back from finding a egg was really slow. Also having multiple pupas meant leveling them seperarely, but they each take just as long to level as your own character. What really baffled me was the leveling system, when you start out you don’t notice it much, but as you play you notice that even monsters 1 level above you will give you a hard time. At level 10, I had around 700 hp, and I was fighting level 13 monsters, and fighting them would take me over 10 seconds just to kill them. The weapons didn’t do enough damage and there was little defense given by the armor, mostly because pretty much equipment in the game is scarce, you unlock new equipment every 3 levels, but the stat difference isn’t much. I honestly think the game is really imbalanced.

  4. This game, was kind of poorly done.
    It’s a 3D MMO, yet still with its point and click system
    Among all of that, it’s gender locked classes.

    Only a poor MMO would actually have gender locked classes, unless it has a great storyline to it.
    But it doesn’t, it’s an open world MMO like any others :|, but with less featuers into it.


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