The way we receive our game content updates has seemingly evolved yet again today, with the introduction of Knight Age’s upcoming MEGA (added caps for emphasis) expansion. What?! Your favorite MMO only offers puny normal content expansions or worse yet, content patches!?

So ok, to be fair, the upcoming Knight Age mega expansion does look quite expansive, with its level cap increase from 35 to 42, an entirely new map, a new dungeon, new enemies and, of course, so many new items and mounts you could fill a castle with them. However, I am not quite sure the word mega was necessary – impactful sure and impressive, since Knight Age only recently launched a few months ago, but one cannot just upgrade an expansion to a new category because of this! There are rules people!

Moving on, the new map, Grey Shores of Oblivion, sounds like it’s a place that could use some water; what, with the perpetually burning forest, barren lands and terrifying giants with a burning vengeance against humans. Someone get the ice!

The Mega Expansion is set to tip the scales next week on November 20th.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. yap game was launched in dry, nothing to do and just boring state. but i wonder, is this a reason to attack simple marketing campaign? wouldn’t it be more accurate to spare that paragraph for something like ‘game was dry – it’s time they make something about it, or just – hey, patch came out quite fast’? or even, you know, talk about game that has balls to come out not finished in f2p market just to finish it together with community? i see that decision from publisher quite interesting. you don’t?

    i like mmobomb. but, if you are going to do such shameless assaults on products that don’t deserve it and have much more problems to speak about than just lazy(for author) marketing campaign – then i don’t know, how fast will this website turn into yet another game review site? critics, personal opinions and stuff basing those – this is what makes u great, why do u needed to attack one single game for silly stupid things when there’s games like aion or tera by gameforge ?

    ok, anyways, i don’t give a shit about knights age, just couldn’t stay away from this.

    btw, f2pcast – what do u think about half-finished content wise games going live? i think its great idea – community can somewhat reshape devs/publishers visions in long run a/betas, grow dedicated community and plan shop features. so?

    • While I can understand where you are coming from, you are misunderstanding how the post was written.

      The news posted above contains all the game info related to the update made available to the press. The point of talking about the “mega” aspect of it was to make the post more interesting while delivering the actual content news.

      You ask for our personal opinions and in this case I (Spunkify) gave you my reaction on the games upcoming expansion in relation to how they named it. I was not trying to “attack” the game, I merely found it amusing they used that term to describe the expansion. If you recall I called the expansion “impactful and impressive, since Knight Age only recently launched a few months ago”. Not a bash on the game itself at all 😉


      • well, there was no need to go in deep with explanations. what i wanted to say – hey look at this website, at it’s contents. do you see, at least one, somewhat bashing/critising name of patch/update/extension/expansion? common’ it’s just a name, there’s a lot of sillier names in inner communities based on content patch is providing.

        why to shift you reputation with post that, in half, has nothing in common with its content anyways? why don’t you guys take patch contents step by step – like feature#1 – hurray, feature#2-suck and etc. and then go to name analysis based on content it’s providing? wouldn’t that be more, dunno, ‘normal’?

        personal opinion is great! it’s the best thing ever! with this websites content makers – it’s 1000000% for the win. but the tone this post provides – it’s just annoying. it’s like talking about swtor being f2p, yep sounds nice, but in reality.

        spunkify i want to ask you something. knights age called it’s patch/expansion mega. swotor called its transition f2p. now, tell me, who lied?

        • Neither, I never state either did or are. But when companys stretch the “believable” truth it can, at times be interesting to make mention of it.

          Just enumerating features (particularly ones without a lot of current details) can be a bit boring to read on its own. I would suggest not using this one example as a basis for assuming every post will contain what you consider bashing, not that I am saying you are, but I always try to keep a lighthearted demeanor when I write these posts.

          • You have your reasoning, it may be fine. But as i see it, in overall, infos on website context – it’s just picking. well maybe you are not, but still – info on patch and most attention goes for the name of the patch?not content? why? you can speak with magickman, who did first look on this game and speak about patch notes basing your opinion on that? you can install game, play it and then put your verdict, or even, you can watch any other review on youtube and try to pull your text together – if u want make it spicy.

            as website viewer, and i like this site and i like effort u are putting here, but as a viewer i really enjoy opinions on topics when those are well made and backed with actual infos.

            anyways, no hard feelings, i just expressed my feeling about not-bashing a product for its update name? put same eu/na ip publishings into your firdays, it will make a blast 🙂


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